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Get to know 16 Indonesian Social Commerce Startups 

Social commerce startups also empower the community as an extension of the buying and selling process

Reported by Data Report, the number of social media users in Indonesia is increasing every year. In January 2020, 160 million Indonesians used social media and this trend will continue to increase. This growth is also seen as a separate opportunity for actors social commerce.

Simply a platform social commerce utilizing the network owned by the end user to conduct buying and selling goods. Can be through social media, messaging applications, even Word of Mouth. Report McKinsey, also mention about 40% of the market e-commercee in Indonesia is social commerce

Platform social commerce also bridges trading partners with brand principal which requires a more efficient distribution system. Here is a list of startups social commerce currently operating in Indonesia:


blessedis a platform to sell halal, safe, and quality MSME products, with the vision and goal of helping small business actors and individuals to compete with large and advanced companies.

Startups social commerce This one allows business people to have access to thousands of halal products from within and outside the country. The packaging and shipping process is carried out directly from warehouses spread across various regions, making it more efficient. For MSME actors, there are no fees for operational costs and warehouse facilities.

This blessed business development idea was completed in November 2021, founded by three co-founder namely Rowdy Fatha (CEO), Turina Farouk (CTO), and Andre Raditya Makmur (CMO). 

Currently, Blessing still relies on funding from angel investors to run their business. Currently, Berkahi is also seeking early stage funding venture capital.


Chilibeli is a shopping app online quality daily necessities. Taking direct from the farmers, Chilibeli guarantees the best price for all. Having a vision to provide the highest quality products, fresh and direct from the source to every home at low prices.

Alex Feng founded this company in 2019, Chilibeli last received series A funding from Lightspeed Ventures worth 160 Billion Rupiah to expand the business even more. It is reported that Chilibeli has been acquired by WeBuy to become their vehicle for entering the Indonesian market.


CrediMart is a startup social commerce in the form of wholesale services online which sells basic necessities. Starting from coffee, soap, snack, to stationery and medicine --- available in pieces to cardboard. CrediMart will deliver orders to business locations within 1 x 24 hours.

One of the features of Credimart is Creditstore, which makes it easier for stall sellers to stock more and is practical. Startup social commece this one was founded by Gabriel Fans (CEO), Christian Lie (COO), Dekha Anggareska (CTO) in 2021.

Credimart's series A funding was obtained through its parent company Credibook worth IDR 116 billion followed by Monk's Hill Ventures, Insigna Ventures Partners, Wavemmaker Partners, Alpha JWC Ventures, and others.


Dbro This is more towards grocery shopping online wholesale or retail. Providing various basic needs such as basic necessities, fresh products as well as other daily needs. The trade was founded by Wilson Yanapresetya and Ryan Manafe in 2016.

The features of the merchandise are very interesting. These are social commerce startup with model hub-and-spoke in its operations. In a sense, building a center for the procurement of basic needs or micro fulfillment center (hubs) to second- and third-tier cities and the countryside.

In April 2022, Merchandise gets pre-series B worth 95 billion Rupiah from BTPN Syariah Ventura along with Monk's Hill Ventures and Hendra Kwik who participated in the fundraising.


dusdusan is an exclusive household product supplier that has a community reseller largest in Indonesia, complete with training support and promotional materials online and offline. Dudusan's vision is to become the largest household product reseller community in Southeast Asia.

Startups social commerce this one was founded by Christian Kustedi and Ellies Kiswoto in 2014.


Evermos is a platform social media commerce resellers which sells various kinds of Indonesian Muslim products. Startups social commerce Indonesia was founded by Ghufron Mustaqim and a number of his colleagues in 2018.

Evermos offers interesting features for small business entrepreneurs who do not have capital, can use this one platform.

In early September 2021, Evermos secured series B funding with the acquisition of 427 billion rupiah which was involved by UOB Venture Managementt with MDI Ventures, Telkomsel Innovation Partner, FutureShape, Jungle Ventures and Shunwei Capital.


Group is a startup social commerce Indonesia, founded by Kevin and his partner Ricky Christie in 2021. Just like an app social commerce existing ones, Grupin offers a community-based shopping experience to consumers collectively, with the aim of getting better price deals. 

The goods provided are about daily needs such as basic necessities, kitchen utensils, baby products, to electronics. For now, this service is only available for the Greater Jakarta and Bandung areas.

Led by Surge, Grupin gets funding of 42 billion Rupiah to expand business and increase the sale.

busy mom

MomBusy is an economic empowerment program for the mother community by opening opportunities for mothers to increase their income as brand ambassadors, KOL/Influencers (Momfluencers) for various brands. This is part of Orami which is now under the Sirclo Group.

Startups social commerce this one was founded by Ferry Tenka in 2022. Current investors are being led by Sirclo.

we buy

WeBuy founded by Prateek Chaturvedi, Ivana Tjandra, Subhash Bishnoi, and Gopal Singh Rathore in March 2020. The platform facilitates group purchases of basic necessities, FMCG, and other household products (team buying). KitaBeli application users invite their acquaintances to form a group, then buy the product together at a discounted price.

In 2021 ago, Kitabeli got a series A of 144 billion Rupiah, This is shown to expand the business and use the program to explore business competition social commerce in Indonesia.


Startups social commerce Initially, this was one of the pioneers of pulse service agents and PPOB (online bank payment points) operating on the islands of Java and Bali. After being acquired by Gojek in 2017, Mapan's founder, Aldi Haroyopratomo, confirmed that Mapan would become one of social commerce Indonesia, which prospers the Indonesian people by Go-Establish.

Go-Mapan itself is considered very effective for people in Indonesia, especially among family drivers from Gojek etc.


Autozilla Aims to expand education and awareness of the general public about the importance of maintaining personal vehicles that are used daily, the platform social commerce focused on automotive Autozilla launched. One of the focuses is facilitating the community.

Startups social commerce this one was founded in 2020 by Kenny Joseph. Until now, Otozilla has received pree-seed funding from Angel Investors.


Rate is social commerce startup, launched their latest mobile application called RateS. Application based social commerce This provides an opportunity for users to start a business online them and sell a variety of goods without requiring start-up capital.

RateS was founded in 2018. RateS is in the form of social commerce which makes it easy to use it to do business without start-up capital. In early January 2022, RateS closed its funding led by KVision from Kasikon Banks become a new investor in this round; also contributed to the previous investor, namely Vertex Ventures, Insignia Venture Partners, and Genesis Ventures worth 85,8 billion Rupiah. 


Selleri is a social commercee which is for reseller or dropshipper without capital to sell. Founded by Jayant Kumar (CEO), Najmudin Husein (COO), and Firman Hasan (CCO). Selleri wants to empower the Indonesian people with a system reseller and drop shipper so that it is easy to sell without any capital,

More Coverage:

Last year, Selleri managed to pocket pre seed of $610.000 from investors, or equivalent to 8,7 billion Rupiah. The venture capital involved is Orbit Kejora-SBI.


Shox was founded in 2013 by Sonat Yalcinkaya and Rayi Pasca Febriani. Shox is a community-driven platform to meet the needs of homes globally online which can be accessed only from home and equipped with a payment system.

In addition to making it easier to shop for household needs, Shox has helped hundreds of mothers to increase their income just from home by opening up entrepreneurship opportunities through the Shox Partner community.

Shox itself gets funding for development led by AC Ventures, Teja Ventures, and a number of other investors worth IDR 79 billion.


This Indonesian social commerce startup received Series C funding worth 1,5 trillion Rupiah. This funding was led by New Enterprise Associates. Super is the first social commerce platform in Indonesia. It is also the first Indonesian consumer technology company to be supported by Y Combinators, which covers the main features, Superagentt, The feature is agent-led commerce that allows community leaders to become retailers within their community.

Super was pioneered in 2018 by Steven Wongsoredjo, bringing differentiation that utilizes a logistics platform hyperlocal to deliver consumer goods to thousands of agents within 24 hours of ordering. Super partners with thousands of community agents such as individuals and stalls to collect and distribute millions of dollars worth of goods to their communities each month.


Woobiz is social commerce capable of empowering women in Indonesia to be interested in business or micro-enterprises. Woobiz itself was founded in 2018 by Putri Noor Shaqina, Rorian Pratyaksa, Josua Sloane, and Hendy Wijaya in December 2018.

Social commerce startup This one Indonesia has features that make it easier for users to track or support more affordable partnerships through e-mail social neighborhood community channel and social sharing by online.

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