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PrimaKu Raises Pre-Series A Funding Led by Northstar and AppWorks

PrimaKu offers three main features: monitoring child growth and development, nutritional guides, and immunization services

A digital platform that focuses on providing solutions parenting for child development, PrimaKu, today (24/8) announced the acquisition of an undisclosed amount of pre-series A funding. This round was led by Northstar Group and AppWorks, with the participation of BRI Ventures and BIG Ventures.

Established in July 2017, PrimaKu is an ecosystem parenting community-based company that wants to help parents overcome parenting challenges. This platform connects parents with pediatricians, as well as comprehensive health facilities.

In a joint interview DailySocial.id, PrimaKu Founder & CEO Muhammad Aditriya Indraputra or familiarly called Didit, revealed his two main reasons for developing this service. First, concerns related to health issues in Indonesian children. Second, personal experience in dealing with challenges as first-time parents.

According to Didit, Indonesia is still far behind in metrics related to child growth. This can be proven from the following facts. Based on the 2022 Indonesian Nutrition Status Survey (SSGI), more than 46% of children less than 5 years of age suffer from malnutrition or stunting. 

Referring to the Maternal and Child Health Profile, there are more than 37% of children who are not vaccinated, so they are vulnerable to diseases that can actually be prevented. Other facts found in the book Early childhood development coming of age: Science through the life course, more than 43% of children cannot reach their optimal growth.

In addition, this can also occur due to a lack of awareness regarding appropriate parenting practices to optimize the health and development of children during their first 1.000 days and the prevalence of misinformation regarding parenting circulating on social media.

"When I study metrics related to the health of Indonesian children, I see that there are large gaps in terms of health, nutrition and overall child welfare. As a result, many children are underdeveloped because of a lack of access to the right information and resources," he explained.

Therefore, he tries to build a platform that can bridge the gap and empower parents with the knowledge and tools needed to equip their children from an early age. A platform that not only provides accurate and reliable information but also creates support and a sense of community.

PrimaKu offers three excellent features to help parents cope stunting in child development, including monitoring child growth and development, nutritional guidelines, as well as vaccination and immunization services.

Parents will get a visual health diary to monitor their child's growth and development. In addition, the service includes guides and tips for parents to help their children reach important milestones—such as nutrition, growth, speech, motor skills, and other important areas of development.

This platform also allows parents to order vaccinations, book clinical visits in 31 provinces throughout Indonesia in collaboration with well-known health service providers. For pediatricians, PrimaKu also offers digital tools and guides to help clinics support child development, facilitate telemedicine services, make doctor referrals, and offer communities to connect with industry colleagues.

As a pioneer of digital child health services in Indonesia, PrimaKu has been trusted by health institutions, parents and public health organizations. In addition, the company has also established an official partnership with the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IPS) as an authoritative expert in the field of child health and development together with the Ministry of Health.

Business challenges

To create a holistic ecosystem requires careful planning and execution from the start. One of the big challenges is presenting a technology infrastructure that accommodates the needs of various stakeholders.

The complexity lies in ensuring that the platform is user-friendly, secure and able to seamlessly handle a wide range of healthcare services. In addition, creating these technologies requires substantial investment, resources and expertise, adding layers of complexity.

Convincing stakeholders to use new technology is also a big challenge. Parents, pediatricians, and clinics often have established routines and practices. In this case, in addition to providing benefits, platform providers must be able to guarantee security, understanding, and integration into existing workflows.

"Building trust is very important, and we are making significant efforts to show how our platform can improve their experience and results," said Didit.

In an effort to expand the network, there are many things that must be overcome, such as regional differences, different health service regulations, as well as cultures that demand adaptation and adjustment. Collaboration with local healthcare authorities and professionals to align with these diverse needs is critical.

Future goals

The fresh funds obtained are planned to be used to strengthen the PrimaKu digital ecosystem so that it is more comprehensive in supporting parents, pediatricians, and health facilities in their mission to succeed in the growth and development of children.

In addition, PrimaKu will also soon expand its reach through a more diverse distribution channel to accommodate product and service needs to support customer needs. parenting. The company will also expand the reach of hospitals and clinics in Indonesia to increase vaccination accessibility.

In Indonesia itself, there are already several services that offer solutions parenting, among others, Tentang Anak, parentalk, The Asian Parents, and others. What distinguishes PrimaKu, according to Didit, is the commitment to monitoring children's health and facilitating the journey of parents in fostering optimal child growth and development.

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As an official partner of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (Indonesian Pediatrician Association), PrimaKu not only ensures alignment between platform education initiatives and pressing child health issues in Indonesia, but also aspires to make a major contribution to the global Sustainable Development Goals.

"Our aspiration is to become a trusted beacon in this field, driving a healthier future for children around the world," said Didit.

Starting from the vision to overcome the problem stunting in children in Indonesia, PrimaKu has proven to have a positive impact on parents and children. Based on PrimaKu's 2022 Children's Health Report, 97% of children (under two years old) who receive PrimaKu care are able to improve their development and avoid malnutrition.

"These findings underscore PrimaKu's effectiveness in improving child health services, highlighting our ability to bring about positive transformations in the lives of millions of children throughout Indonesia," said Didit.

Currently, the company is in a phase where the challenge shifts from building fundamentals to sustaining growth. "We are dedicated to improving the features and functions of our platform, simplifying processes, and fostering strong relationships with stakeholders to ensure this platform remains relevant. Our mission is to reshape the welfare of children in Indonesia," Didit concluded.

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