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Popunder Ads: Definition, How it Works, Differences with Pop-up Ads

One of the controversial types of advertising

You could say, most people don't like existence advertisement. Therefore, an advertiser should think about Strategy so that the ad can get the attention of the target audience. Various creative ways are carried out, ranging from using various advertising media, using talent interesting, using music that is ear-catching, to make ads viral.

Well, in advertising in digital especially on the website, there are quite unique advertisements called advertisements popunders (pop-under advertisement). Some people find this type of advertising annoying, but in fact it is quite effective in attracting the attention of the audience. Let's see more about popunder ads.

Definition of Popunder Ads

Popunder ads are ads that appear in the form of window only when a website visitor clicks on anything on the website. 

For example, you visit a website, then intentionally or unintentionally you click on any area of ​​the website, an advertisement will appear in the form of a new window on your screen.

Difference with Pop-up Ads

Pop-up ads are ads that appear suddenly, even though website visitors are not doing any activity.

Basically, popunder and pop-up ads are almost the same. Both are also equally often considered annoying by website visitors. However, there are some differences:

  • While popunder ads will only appear when website visitors click on the website area, pop-up ads appear automatically
  • Because popunder ads appear in a new window behind the main window, sometimes visitors are not aware of their existence. Meanwhile, pop-up ads must be realized because visitors must close the ad if they want to read the contents of the website
  • Not infrequently popup ads have a cross button (Close) which is deceptive and leads to advertisement pages
  • Sometimes, popunder ads do redirect directly

Advantages and Disadvantages of Popunder Ads

Next, here are some of the advantages of placing popunder ads:

  • Increase brand awareness or brand awareness in the minds of the target audience
  • Attract the attention of the target audience
  • Can reach a wide audience
  • No need to think about the strategic position of the ad, because it will appear in a new window
  • Generally considered less annoying than pop-up ads
  • It is possible to redirect to the page you want, for example the application download page. That way, popunder ads can direct your target audience to do what you expect.

Of course, popunder ads not only bring advantages but also disadvantages. For that, you need to consider both. What are the disadvantages of this type of advertising? Here are some disadvantages of popunder ads:

  • Considered annoying even annoying by some people
  • Allows someone to immediately close the window when the ad page is not fully displayed
  • Although the audience reached is broad, but less specific
  • Can create a bad impression, both for the website that advertises and for the brand

Popunder Ad Cost Calculation

After you understand popunder ads, then you need to know how to calculate the cost of popunder ads.

Generally, popunder ads use the system cost per thousand impressions or Cost per Mille (CPM). This costing model is calculated by dividing advertising costs by total impression (number of impressions), then multiplied by 1.000.

The result is a fee you need to pay. 

Popunder Ad Platform

You might consider using it in your advertising strategy. There are several pop-under platforms you might consider:

  • PopMyAds

PopMyAds is an advertising platform for advertisers and ad publishers who customizable. Advertisers have full control over CPM and expected visitors. You can make a deposit via Paypal, as well as another alternative by contacting PopMyAds.

  • popcash

Popcash is a popunder ad network with worldwide reach, and guaranteed results. This platform can be used by ad publishers as well as advertisers. For advertisers, you need to take 10 minutes to register, make a minimum deposit of 5 dollars, submit your campaign, and just wait for an hour.

  • PropellerAds

PropellerAds is a campaign-only platform with a focus on Conversion. With PropellerAds, you can grow your business revenue through various advertisements, such as push notifications, onclick ads, in-page push, and interstitials.

  • AdMaven

AdMaven is a platform self-serve to create campaigns and connect with AdMaven ad services directly. This platform provides various forms of advertising, namely: push notifications, popunder adsinterstitial, and banner. You can make payments to AdMaven via Paypal, credit card, Payoneer, and others.

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