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NADI Presents Digital Cooperative Access, Reaching All Groups with Complete Business Support Features

KSP Nasari has members spread throughout Indonesia with more than 42.000 members

KSP Nasari is a cooperative that was founded in 1998, and continues to develop, adapting to changing times and continuing to innovate, especially in digitalization technology. As a modern and contemporary cooperative. KSP Nasari has members spread throughout Indonesia with more than 42.000 members.

In 2020 Nasari Digital (NADI) was founded by Rinie Esther Elfrida Panggabean, BA. Through Nasari Digital, KSP Nasari carries out digital transformation through digital cooperative super apps as an effort to rebrand towards a modern digital cooperative.

As the nation's best modern cooperative, Nasari Digital (NADI) is a cooperative that supports the people's economic potential for shared prosperity by always innovating to strengthen the existence and competence of digital cooperatives, managing corporate businesses by updating services using the latest technology and providing excellent service for member satisfaction. cooperatives and communities. NADI is registered and supervised by the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs (KEMENKOP UMKM) & the Ministry of Communication and Information (KOMINFO) and supported by KSP Nasari.

Nasari Digital (NADI) has various superior features, namely: Payment Gateway, NADI Tickets, NADI Wallet, NADI Counter, Merchant, NADI Market, NADI Events, E-learning, savings and loans. NADI provides various types of savings products, namely: Simaster General, Simaster Profit, and SiMapan with attractive savings advantages, savings interest of 3-4% above banking interest rates. Nasari Digital also provides attractive types of loan products, namely NADI UMKM loans, Pension Loans, Pre-Pension & Pre-Pension Prima, BOS Fund Loans, Teacher & Lecturer Certification, NADI Balikin & NADI Talangin with various benefits that are guaranteed with a fast disbursement process .

In the ever-evolving digital era, a strong online presence is the key to success for businesses. Nasari Digital is here as a trusted partner to help build and optimize businesses in the digital era. With services that include website development, applications and social media management, Nasari Digital provides complete solutions to ensure your business is successful in the online world.

Nasari Digital also created the NADI's Infinity program which aims to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and develop skills for the younger generation as well as MSMEs and people who want to own a business. NADI's Infinity,

In the NADI's Infinity program, Nasari Digital is holding a Podcast and Webinar Event which aims to provide insight and knowledge about MSME business, finance, digital marketing strategies, website development, social media management, and other interesting topics. This event provides an opportunity for business people to learn from industry experts and also share experiences with fellow MSME players.

Nasari Digital also has a community, namely the NADI's Infinity Community, where in this ecosystem various interesting programs and topics are presented, providing flexibility for community members to choose according to their interests and needs.

The program is designed to encourage interaction and collaboration among members, known as NADI Friends. With active involvement, every NADI Friend is guaranteed to get many benefits, from new knowledge to interesting collaboration opportunities. This program is not just a forum for discussion, but also a place where members of the NADI's Infinity Community can be at the forefront of getting the latest information before it is published on social media.

Integrated Approach

Nasari Digital adopts an integrated approach in providing its services. They don't just focus on one aspect, but pay attention to the entire online ecosystem of your business, from website development to social media management.

Affordable prices with good quality

Nasari Digital in selling digital products such as managing websites and social media, the key to offering affordable prices with good quality is to focus on operational efficiency, use of technology to increase productivity, innovation in the use of materials and technology, and good cost management.

Customization and Flexibility

Every business has diverse needs, and Nasari Digital understands this. Nasari Digital provides services that can be tailored to your business needs and goals, as well as being flexible in adjusting strategies according to market developments.

Measurable Results

Nasari Digital focuses on providing measurable results for its partners. They use advanced metrics and analytics to track and evaluate the performance of their campaigns, so your business can see the clear impact of your investment.

Nasari Digital's Flagship Service

Professional Website Development

Nasari Digital offers professional and responsive website development services. From creative design to flawless functionality, they ensure that your website provides an optimal user experience and reflects your brand identity.

Effective Social Media Management

With a team of experts in social media management, Nasari Digital helps businesses build a strong presence on major social media platforms. They design engaging content strategies, manage interactions with target audiences, and increase overall engagement.

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