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Jenfi's Marketing Funding Services Become a Solution for Indonesian SMEs to Increase Post-Pandemic Income

How can SMEs in Indonesia increase their income in the post-pandemic era with Jenfi's help?

The Covid-19 pandemic a few years ago became challenges for business owners, especially those in the small and medium business (SME) sector. Starting from the decline in purchases and orders, distribution challenges, to the availability of raw materials.


On the other hand, the pandemic is also a turning point for SMEs in developing their businesses digitally. Number of transactions online during the pandemic, it increased significantly by 26% or 3,1 million transactions per day with an increase in distribution of up to 35%.

From there, support for SMEs go digital There are more and more, including the strategy developed by the government in the form of distributing micro-credit programs so that SMEs can obtain working capital loans with lower interest rates from commercial banks in Indonesia.

With so much support and assistance, such as the QRIS digital payment service and working capital loans, it should be a real opportunity for SMEs to continue to develop their business digitally.

But, what about when not working capital which is a problem for SMEs, but digital marketing?

Menimprove brand awareness is an important thing for a business to do because it can increase sales, and digital marketing is very effective for this.

Digital marketing, especially paid advertising, can have a significant impact on SMEs. Apart from being able to reach hearings more, SMEs can also target specific markets in this type of digital marketing. Unfortunately, some SMEs are still constrained by the cost for this digital marketing.

However, with a lot of support from various parties, these obstacles or challenges can also be overcome easily.

Not only from the government, the support from the private sector is also no less in number. This is the result of many researches that predict the development of Indonesia's digital economy will be more advanced in the future. In fact, according to data from Google, Temasek, and Bain & Company, the value of Indonesia's digital economy in 2025 is likely to reach 46 billion USD or equivalent to 2.100 trillion Rupiah.

With this great opportunity, many private parties have also provided strong support to SMEs, one of which is Jenfi. Jenfi is a funding service that exists to answer SME problems in terms of marketing, inventory, and business growth.

This solution can be used by SMEs to optimize brand awareness on social media and marketplace. However, Jenfi's funding service is only limited to business growth in Indonesia platform social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin, or Google advertising services (Google Ads).

To ensure that this funding is properly used, Jenfi services can track by integrating business revenue accounts into services such as Lazada,shopee,Tokopedia, Shopify, Stripe, and Braintree.

With a business model like this, SMEs don't have to worry because Jenfi will only benefit when the business generates income from the capital provided.

Then, what if SMEs are interested in get financing from Jenfi?

If SMEs are interested in developing their business through digital marketing, owner can apply for funding directly online pada Jenfi's official website and a decision will be given within a maximum of 24 hours.

After successfully connecting with the selected financial institution, Jenfi will also assist with the filing that must be prepared by SMEs. If SMEs have successfully passed the specified stages, SMEs have the opportunity to get capital of up to 1 billion rupiah.

These funds can be used by SMEs to increase their brand awareness and sales through paid advertising features such as Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads.

Then, for payments, SMEs can also determine when to make a return on capital and the percentage of return from the resulting business profit. Not only that, Jenfi has also collaborated with Xendit to help SMEs grow faster by activating services digital payment.

Opportunities for the development of the Indonesian market, especially in the digital economy sector, are true. However, this opportunity can become a reality if there is real action from SMEs and support from the government and the private sector.

Through the solutions provided, Jenfi is committed to helping boost SME income along with the development of the sector E-commerce Indonesia in the current post-pandemic era.


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