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How to Borrow XL Emergency Credit, Easy and Comply with the Terms!

XL has many advantages, one of which is borrowing emergency credit. As an XL user, of course you want to get this service. Let's check how in this article!

No one wants to see their cellphone credit run out at a critical moment. However, sometimes it occurs in such a way that it interferes with daily activities.

Fortunately, most cellphone operators in Indonesia now offer credit card services that you can use in an emergency. This impulsive loan can be repaid when you have completed your loan later.

As one of the most widely used cellphone providers in Indonesia, XL Axiata has an emergency loan service called Pulsa Siaga. So if your XL card runs out, don't worry, just submit an emergency credit request.

Terms and Conditions for Borrowing XL Emergency Credit

You can use this service when you can comply with the conditions, including:

• This service applies to XL Prepaid card users.

• Have registered for the XL card in accordance with government regulations.

• The XL card used has been active for at least 60 days (2 months).

• The XL card has been topped up at least 3 times within the last 60 days.

• If you have previously borrowed emergency credit, make sure the loan has been returned by topping up the credit.

• The nominal credit that is borrowed will be determined automatically by the operator.

• The determination is based on the XL user profile, the validity period of the card, and whether the card meets the requirements.

• Emergency credit loans can be refused by the operator.

• Each credit loan will be subject to a service fee of 20% of the nominal credit borrowed.

How to Borrow XL Emergency Credit

You can take these steps if you want to take XL emergency credit. Check the following steps:

1. Through the UMB Code

• Open the call screen on your phone.

• Enter UMB code *911# OR *123*9110#.

• Press OK/YES/Call, then wait for the pop up menu to appear.

• Follow the instructions on the screen.

2. Via SMS

• Open the Messages menu on your phone.

• Type SPECIAL or EMERGENCY (choose one).

More Coverage:

• Send to number 911.

• Wait for a reply from the operator. If the pulse loan is approved, you need to confirm.

• After confirming, emergency credit will go straight to your cellphone number and can be used for various purposes.

So that's how to borrow emergency credit at XL. Remember that your card meets the requirements listed above, so the chances of getting an emergency loan are even greater.

Good luck and I hope this article is useful for you!

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