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Without needing large capital, here are the steps to becoming a credit distributor!

Easy Steps to Earn Additional Income by Becoming a Credit Distributor

In this digital era, the need for credit is becoming increasingly important as usage increases smartphone. Credit is not only used to communicate, but also to access the internet, carry out online transactions and various other digital activities.

With demand continuing to increase, becoming a credit distributor can be a promising business opportunity.

Prospects for Selling Credit

The prospect of selling credits can be very promising as usage grows smartphone and the widespread internet. The ever-increasing demand creates stable business opportunities, strengthened by a broad market in various levels of society. Additional profits can be obtained through product diversification, such as offering data packages and game vouchers.

How to Become a Credit Distributor

To become a credit distributor, the steps are quite simple:

  • Choose one of the recommended partners or according to your preferences.
  • Register as a distributor partner on the platform you choose. Follow the registration procedures provided.
  • Perform identity verification (if required) according to the instructions from the distributor partner you choose.
  • Once registered, top up your balance to start credit sales transactions.

Partners for Selling Credit

Here are some recommended partners for you to become a credit distributor.


BukuWarung is a potential partner for prospective credit distributors who want to start a digital business. The registration procedure is easy by downloading the BukuWarung application and registering. To sell credit, you can go to the Payment menu and select the Sell Credit tab.

One of BukuWarung's advantages is the variety of payment methods provided to partners. With Virtual Accounts from well-known banks such as BCA, BNI, Permata, and Mandiri, as well as E-Wallet options via OVO, Dana, LinkAja, and ShopeePay, customers have flexibility in making payments. This gives you the advantage of being able to reach more customers with their preferred payment methods.

Tokopedia Partners

Tokopedia Partners presents practical solutions for credit distributors. By carrying out the credit buying and selling process independently, the process becomes very efficient. The steps are quite simple: log in to your partner's account, select the credit menu, enter the destination number, select the credit nominal, then make the payment.

Another advantage is the transaction proof feature via WhatsApp or SMS. This makes it easier for you to provide proof of purchase to customers to increase trust.


KonterGo is an online credit counter application that simplifies the process of purchasing credit top-ups, data packages, PLN tokens, game vouchers and PPOB bill payments. The 24-hour automated online system allows transactions anytime and anywhere.

Convenience, speed and security are the hallmarks of KonterGo. By offering competitive prices, this platform is an attractive option for credit distributors who want to expand their business reach.

You can choose the partner that best suits your needs and business strategy to achieve success in this ever-evolving industry.

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