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Behind the Change of Side Name To "Staffinc" and Next Business Plan

DailySocial.id interview with Staffinc Co-Founder & CEO Wisnu Nugrahadi

Aiming to be able to increase credibility and provide guarantees to new customers, Sampingan, which launched in 2018 and officially carried out rebranding with new name "Staff".

To DailySocial.id,Staffinc Co-Founder & CEO Wisnu Nugrahadi revealed, this name change at the same time strengthens the services and products they offer, not only focusing on blue-collar workers part time schedule only, but also full time to and other potential.

"We don't want to change the culture that has been built and don't want to be brand too corporate and monotonous. Hopefully the new name can be well received by the community, so that it can be balanced with the team we have," said Wisnu.

In addition to the company name, several owned applications have also changed names. The Side Application turned into "Staffinc Jobs", a platform that job seekers can use to find work. Meanwhile, the Job application that workers can use to report attendance, fulfill assignments, and get their salary, all in one place has become "Staffinc Work".

At the age of 4, Staffinc also has a target to become a platform workforce solutions and labor provider largest in Southeast Asia. Aiming at enterprise, the company claims that currently most of their clients are not only from startups, but also companies that have profitable to company listing.

Staffinc Suite featured product

Staffinc also strengthened its business line in the field of human resources (HR) under the name Staffinc Suite. Unlike most HR platforms that focus on managing HR processes for office workers, this service is a digital HR platform designed to provide transparency and flexibility in high-volume, daily HR operations, such as couriers and sales promoter.

Staffinc Suite has 9 features that are focused on managing HR operational activities of field workers in only one platform with several main advantages such as simplifying the process of recruiting large numbers in a short time, facilitating and ensuring the accuracy of the attendance process, to speeding up the payroll process with an automated system. In addition to targeting corporations, through the Staffinc Suite they also hope that this product can be used for MSME players.

"Because enterprise the need is big enough, they use a solution or service from us. For companies that are not too big, you can take advantage of tools that we have. Staffinc Suite is extension From there, we offer a platform to companies that want to run the process by themselves," said Wisnu.

In addition to providing solutions to companies, through several programs Staffinc also offers benefits to workers. Among others are training more towards upskill of these workers, tailored to the needs of the company. The second is financial access for those who have been curated by Staffinc in the form of Earned Wage Access (EWA).

The service is presented after receiving feedback from workers who often find it difficult to work for various reasons, ranging from no money to buy fuel and others. With benefits This is for workers who have good performance, are entitled to get financial access in the form of EWA.

Pandemic accelerates blue-collar worker platforms

The company started its business as on-demand platforms which empowers field workers by connecting them to a variety of jobs. Now the company has evolved into an inclusive workforce service that caters to needs staffing such as recruiting and managing employees digitally as well as being a job provider platform for workers in Indonesia.

Currently recorded customers from among enterprise Those who have used Staffinc technology are those targeting the retail, F&B and logistics sectors. These companies generally require a large number of workers ranging from 50 people and above. To date, Staffinc has more than 1 million partners, in 80 cities in Indonesia. Digital staffing services have also been used by more than 150 companies in Indonesia.

"In the beginning, our mission was to empower workers by giving them access to a variety of jobs including part-time and full-time so that they can earn an income. On the other hand, we also strive to be a trusted employment solution for business partners," said Vishnu.

One of the reasons why platforms targeting blue-collar workers like Staffinc are currently growing positively in Indonesia is the adoption of technology that directly accelerates all existing processes.

In the past, the process for interviewing workers was carried out in person or offline, the pandemic has made the process switch online. Platforms like Staffinc, which were originally designed to process digitally, have become relevant and of course needed by companies.

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"We position ourselves as Workforce solution powered by technology. What we see technology for stream line process, improve value and reduce costs. But in the end, for the enterprise is trust, how can we provide service and trust to companies and workers," said Wisnu.

Asked whether the company has plans to conduct advanced fundraising, Wisnu emphasized that as long as they find the right investors, the opportunity to raise funds remains open. However, Vishnu emphasized that with the current conditions, of course there will be adjustment expectations.

"Basically we built this company for sustainable. Not only 5-6 years, we are already 4 years old and want to be the biggest player. To do that we have to think sustainability. If we find the right partner, it will open up opportunities for fundraising, said Vishnu.

At the beginning of 2021, the company has pocketed series A pendanaan funding worth $5 million or equivalent to 71 billion Rupiah. This round was led by Altara Ventures, with the participation of Access Ventures, XA Network, iSeed SEA, as well as two investors in the previous round, Golden Gate Ventures and Antler. So far, the startup founded by Wisnu Nugrahadi, Margana Mohamad, and Dimas Pramudya has managed to raise funds of up to $7,1 million.

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