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How to borrow Indosat emergency credit, it's easy and these are the conditions!

Indosat has many advantages, one of which is lending emergency credit. As an Indosat user, of course you want to get this service. Let's check how in this article!

As an active cell phone (HP) user, you need credit. Because credit can actually be needed for various cellphone functions, such as sending SMS, making calls, and buying packages online.

However, there are times when you run out of credit when you really need it. If you are an Indosat user, this service provider has provided a solution.

Indosat, one of the most popular service providers in Indonesia, offers its users an emergency loan service. Of course, you can use this if you need credit but don't have time to buy it.

So how do you get Indosat emergency credit? If you don't know, read the explanation below.

Terms and Conditions for Borrowing Indosat Emergency Credit

Before you can use this service, you must meet several requirements. In order to borrow an Indosat emergency loan borrowed through the e-wallet website, the following conditions must be met:

• Customers must actively use Indosat prepaid cards (IM3 Ooredoo).

• Customers must have an active period of at least 3 months or 90 days

• Customers must have less than IDR 2.500 of credit remaining.

• Meets eligibility criteria based on IOH policy.

• If you have made an emergency credit loan before, the customer must settle all outstanding bills (if any).

How to Borrow Indosat Emergency Credit

If you have met the eligibility requirements to use the Indosat emergency credit feature, here are the steps and process for borrowing Indosat emergency credit.

1. Via USSD Code

First, you can apply for an urgent loan with the USSD code via your mobile phone application. See how to do it below.

• Open the phone call menu.

• Type *505#, then press the call button.

• Later, the operator will automatically direct the options menu on your cellphone screen for emergency credit.

• Select the package according to your needs, then type in the selected package number.

• Click "OK" or "Continue".

• Wait until there is an incoming SMS regarding a notification from Indosat to your number.

• If Indosat's emergency credit has been received, we can immediately use it right away.

2. Via SMS

How to borrow Indosat emergency credit via SMS is as follows.

• Open the SMS or message menu on the cell phone.

• Select create new message.

• Type "SOS Credit".

• Send the message earlier to number 505.

More Coverage:

• Wait until there is an incoming reply regarding the emergency credit notification.

• If it already exists, your Indosat emergency credit can already be used.

If users meet the requirements above, they can easily borrow emergency credit from Indosat. Indosat emergency credit/quota up to IDR 100.000 and valid for 30 days.

Users can later make repayments when they have sufficient funds by topping up funds. This means that if the balance is sufficient, the new loan will automatically be deducted according to the nominal emergency loan previously taken.

Please note that there is an additional fee for each Indosat emergency credit. For example, on the website it is stated that a loan of IDR 10.000 is subject to a fee of IDR 14.000. With a validity period of 5 days, IDR 15.000 pulses are charged IDR 21.000 with a validity period of 5 days.

We hope this information on how to collect emergency credit from Indosat can be useful!

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