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Mental Health Indonesia Startup List for Stress Reduction Solutions

Mental health startups that exist today not only provide services for individuals, but some also provide B2B business models

Understanding a person's psychology today is very important, because it will affect performance and daily activities. Right now, a lot mental health startup Indonesia that offers a wide range of skilled psychological services.

Want to know more? Let's see 10 mental health startup the one in Indonesia!

To me

Mental health startup the first is Ami, founded by Justin Kim (CEO) and Beknazar Abdikalov (CTO) in 2020. Services developed mental health startup this one is being able to use WhatsApp as a medium to communicate psychological consulting services.

In 2021, Ami himself received funding from Meta worth 43,6 billion Rupiah. These fresh funds will be used to develop the Ami application and expand users.


Platform This one is packaged very uniquely. Because talk about.id this is mental health startup Indonesia that can offer services online and face to face starting from individuals or couples.

talk.id founded by Andreas Handani (CEO) in 2018. This startup has a mission for all Indonesians to have good mental health. Platform this one received funding from East Ventures with undisclosed funds.


Services it provides peer counselors as well as targets students. Startups mental health it was founded by three founder namely Lathifa Dinar (CEO), Hanum Thalia (CPO), and Rischa Indiria (COO) in 2020.

Platform it has an anonymous professional certified psychologist. Of course by using told,user expected Get a unique consulting experience.


Startups mental health This one Indonesia was launched in August 2021. Heart This does not only serve individual and couple consultations. Startup mental health this one can also be based on a B2B basis, for example there is a company or university that wants to provide consulting services for its employees or students.

Imam Hanggaautomo as CEO of Kalbu explained "The trend of mental health consultations will increase in the next few years, of course we will make improvements and make massive developments to maximize our services to the community."


Kalm launched in October 2018, Angela Widjaja as CEO with three friends. Want to develop startup mental health Indonesia so that the Indonesian people can be literate about mental health.

There are several new services from Kalm, namely: Increasing Wellness and Increasing Value agar user know and achieve the desired target. This platform still uses its own operational funds.


Oncom (Online Consultation & Mentorship) is platform in the form of a digital application that seeks to bridge the needs of people who want to consult directly live chat with experts and mentor from various fields such as psychology, health, law, hobbies, and others.

Startups mental health Indonesia was founded by Bima Sastra Gordhi in 2016. This is sure to be one of the competitors and enliven mental health startups in Indonesia.

your psychology

Platform this one presents a strategic consulting service. your psychology is startup mental health which was founded by Nova Ariyanto Jono in 2013. Surely your psychology presents a lot of professional psychologists with various kinds of consultations via email chat, Email. voice call etc.

In terms of your own funding, your psychology is still raising funds to expand the mental health business, which is certainly very much needed and useful in Indonesia.


Riliv was founded by brothers Maxi and Audy in 2015 in Surabaya, both of them wanted to share the joy of learning about mental health and its importance mental health through their application program.

Mental health service startupRiliv announces that it has secured early stage funding (seed round) led by East Ventures. No mention of the investment amount given, a number of investors took part in this round including Benson Capital, Sankalpa Ventures, Teja Ventures, Telkom Indonesia through the Indigo acceleration program, and angel investors Shweta Shrivastava.

One Percent

More Coverage:

Mental health startup This one Indonesia has Indonesian Life School tagline. This startup was founded by Ifandi Khainur Rahim (CEO) and Rizky Adriawan (CTO). one percent

The reason one percent admits to being life school Indonesia is because startup it teaches important life skills and knowledge that they have not yet acquired in schools and society at large. 

The field of mental health and self-development is one of them. Startups This program aims to make Indonesian people more aware of identity awareness, active problem solving and a developing mindset. 

One percent which is life schoolOf course, it also has its own curriculum, just like schools in general. The difference is, the curriculum is in the form of products and services such as Mentoring, Counseling, Online Classes, Webinars, Free Online Tests, and Basic Mental Health Training. One percent also provide free services through podcasts and videos on their YouTube channel.

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