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List of Indonesian Cleantech Startups in the Transportation Sector

Solum.id lists 15 cleantech startups operating in the transportation and mobility sector

Although faced with a number of challenges, especially in terms of funding and regulatory framework, ecosystem cleantech startups in Indonesia still has the opportunity to thrive.

In general, ecosystem cleantech startups in Indonesia can be mapped into three sectors: the energy sector, the transportation sector, and the industrial & development sector.

Previously, the Solum.id team had already created it list cleantech startups Indonesia which operates in the energy sector.

In this article, it's your turn cleantech startups which operates in the transportation sector which is in the spotlight.

Here's the complete list.


ALVA is brand environmentally friendly mobility solutions from Ilectra Motor Group (IMG). Not just building brand electric motorbikes, IMG is also active in developing its supporting ecosystem through collaboration with a number of parties.

So far there are two ALVA products, namely ALVA Cervo and ALVA One. ALVA Cervo is sold at prices starting from IDR 37.750.000, while ALVA One starts from IDR 36.490.000 — price on-the-road (OTR) Jabodetabek.

Website: alvaauto.com

2. Automa

Starting its work as an IoT solution provider, Automa now provides a comprehensive transportation management system with the aim of increasing efficiency on the supply chain side.

Automa develops a platform for business actors to monitor the condition of their fleet along with a number of other relevant statistics real-time.

Website: x.automa.id

3. Batex

Founded in 2012, Batex claims to be the first lithium battery manufacturer in Indonesia. Apart from lithium batteries, Batex is also developing a number of derivative products, including electric bicycles.

Website: @batex.indonesia – Instagram

4. Charged

Charged is startup which is involved in the production and distribution of electric motorbikes. In developing a number of its products, Charged collaborated with an Australian electric motorbike manufacturer, Vmoto.

Charged has so far marketed three different models of electric motorbikes, namely Anoa (prices start at IDR 32 million), Rimau (IDR 33,5 million), and Maleo (IDR 24 million).

Website: charged.co.id

5. Nuxcle

Nuxcle is startup which focuses on the development of electric vehicles. Products developed so far include skateboard electricity below brand @zuboard, as well as electric bicycle and scooter prototypes.

Apart from selling products directly to consumers, Nuxcle also offers electric vehicle conversion services for conventional two-wheeled vehicles.

For the complete list, visit Solum.id. Solum.id is an online media that focuses on presenting various articles about the sustainability sector and future technology.


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