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List of Indonesian Cleantech Startups in the Energy Sector

Solum.id lists 14 cleantech startups operating in the renewable energy sector

Despite obstacles around funding and regulation, ecosystem cleantech startups in Indonesia has the potential to thrive.

In general, ecosystem cleantech startups in Indonesia can be mapped into three sectors: the energy sector, the transportation sector, and the industrial & development sector.

In this article, team Solum.id has put together a row cleantech startups Indonesia which operates in the energy sector.

Here's the complete list.

1. Xurya

Founded in 2018, Xurya is startup which provides complete solutions related to the need for clean electricity sourced from solar energy.

The platform that Xurya built is targeted to help the energy transition of commercial and industrial building owners, starting from the investment feasibility study stage, installation management, to operations and regular maintenance.

Website: xurya.com

2. SolarKita

SolarKita provides integrated solutions for residential consumers who are interested in adding a solar power plant (PLTS) to their roof.

The services provided include from the consultation stage to maintenance and monitoring of PLTS performance. SolarKita also offers a fairly flexible funding program.

Website: solarkita.com

3. Energy Stall

Established in 2017, Warung Energi is one of the business units of PT Bina Lintas Usaha Ekonomi (BLUE) which carries the concept of one-stop shopping related to renewable energy technology solutions.

Warung Energi sells PLTS components separately while also serving home PLTS installations in various packages that can be tailored to consumers' budgets and needs.

Website: warungenerg.com

4. BTI Energy

Founded in March 2020 in Denpasar, Bali, BTI Energy is an EPC service provider (engineering, procurement, and construction) which focuses on renewable energy, especially solar energy.

BTI Energy's main focus is to overcome the challenge of high costs in installing solar panels, namely through affordable costs and flexible payment schemes.

Website: btienergy.id

5. Gree Energy

Since 2013, Gree Energy has been offering decarbonization solutions for the food processing industry by converting the resulting wastewater into biogas — which can then be used to produce energy, heat, clean water, organic fertilizer, or sold as carbon credits.

Website: gree-energy.com

For the complete list, visit Solum.id. Solum.id is an online media that focuses on presenting various articles about the sustainability sector and future technology.


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