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List of Indonesian Cleantech Startups in the Industrial & Development Sector

Solum.id lists 9 cleantech startups operating in the Industrial and Development sectors

Ecosystem cleantech startups in Indonesia has the potential to thrive despite a number of challenges that still need to be addressed, primarily around funding and the regulatory framework.

In general, ecosystem cleantech startups in Indonesia can be mapped into three sectors: the energy sector, the transportation sector, and the industrial & development sector.

Previously, the Solum.id team had already made a list cleantech startups Indonesia which moves in energy sector and at transportation sector.

On this occasion, we will highlight cleantech startups which operates in the industrial & development sector.

Here's the complete list.

1. Classy

Berkela presents an energy efficiency and conservation platform (energy efficiency & conservation – EEC) for organizations and companies in various sectors.

Not only does it provide relevant information and tools for EEC needs, the platform that Berkela has built is also designed to connect business actors with relevant stakeholders.

Website: berkela.id

2. Faraday

Starting from an academic research project at Prasetiya Mulya University, Faraday continued to develop energy management systems for industry.

Currently, Faraday is developing a prototype solar energy management system, complete with features such as real-time monitoringforecasting, and optimizing the performance of solar power plants (PLTS).

Website: faraday.id

3. Leastric

Leastric is startup which develops an integrated electricity monitoring system, with the main aim of reducing electrical energy consumption, both in industrial and residential scenarios.

With a combination of physical devices and data-based processing cloudLeastric claims the technology he developed can help reduce electricity consumption by up to 15%.

Website: leastric.com

4. Powerbrain

Founded in 2019 under the name Homemate, Powerbrain is now focused on developing a number of technology-based services to increase energy efficiency.

Apart from offering an integrated energy management system, Powerbrain also provides comprehensive services related to the use of renewable energy sources for industry, starting from feasibility studies, design, installation, to operations and maintenance.

For the complete list, visit Solum.id. Solum.id is an online media that focuses on presenting various articles about the sustainability sector and future technology.


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