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5 Ways to Check Indosat Numbers with Easy and Anti-hassle Steps

Now you want to check your Indosat number on your cell phone but the problem is you don't know how. Relax, this article can help you.

How to check Indosat numbers can be done in several ways that are quite simple. We often check Indosat numbers because we forget our own cellular card. In fact, mobile card numbers are very important, for example when you need to fill out some administrative documents. If you forget the card number, you cannot top up the balance or fill out the information packet. Of course this is quite difficult, especially when the situation is urgent. But don't worry because checking Indosat numbers doesn't require a lot of money and time. The method is also quite simple. For those of you who are confused about checking the correct Indosat number, here are some tips to help you see and get the following Indosat card number details.

Check Indosat Number Via Dial Up

The following are a few steps to check your cellphone number via dial up:

• The first thing you can do is click on the phone menu.

• Then you can type *123*30# on the provided keyboard.

• Then you can click on the telephone icon on the keyboard.

• After that, you will definitely receive a notification containing the cellphone number and other information.

Check Indosat Number Via Website

The following are some steps to check your cellphone number through the website:

• The first thing you need to do is open the web browser application on your device.

• Next, you can myim3.indosatooredoo in the available address bar.

• After that you can enter into the account that is owned.

• Next, you will see the home screen where later there will be various information about the provider used.

Check Indosat Number Via Application

You don't have to bother typing. Your Indosat number can be seen on the MyIM3 application dashboard. The steps you can follow to verify your Indosat number through the MyIM3 application are as follows:

• Install the MyIM3 application on your mobile device.

• Make sure you have previously logged in to this application so that some of your contact information will appear on the main page of the application.

• Write down the number and save it in your phone's contacts so that next time you don't have to bother installing applications or logging in.

Check Indosat Number Via SMS

You can check your Indosat number via SMS if your credit is enough to send SMS or SMS. How to check Indosat numbers via SMS:

• Select a friend or family contact to send a short message or SMS to.

• Type a message that at this time you want to check your Indosat number and ask your friend to send your cell phone number.

• After you get the Indosat contact number information, don't forget to take a screenshot or write it down immediately and save it on a small piece of paper so you can always see it when you need it.

Check Indosat Number Via Customer Service

This call service is available 24 hours, so you can use it anytime. Below is a customer service contact person that you can call for information about your Indosat number:

• Call contact number 111 via dial up if your Indosat card is postpaid matrix Ooredoo type. This service is free so you don't have to worry about costs.

• Call contact number 100 or 185 if your card is IM3 Ooredoo and Mentari Ooredoo prepaid. This service costs IDR 400 for each call.

Those are some ways that you can use to check your Indosat number. I hope this helps.

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