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Engagement in Ads: Definition and Tips to Improve It

Find out more about what engagement is and how to increase it to make your ads more attractive

In the world digital marketing, there are many important metrics to measure performance advertisement. Understanding these metrics will help you formulate the best strategy, and be able to measure ad performance. 

To attract the attention of the audience and make the audience believe in the products or services that we offer, it takes more than just providing information. The provision of information is a one-way communication, in which the parties brand deliver messages to the audience without reciprocity. A better form of communication is two-way communication, where the audience can provide feedback in the form of responses, questions, or even suggestions.

Well, there are metrics that measure audience feedback on your content or ads, you know. The metric is named engagement.

Are you familiar with the term engagement? Come on, find out more.

Definition of Engagement

Engagement is a measurement of audience engagement with your ad. Engagement measures the interactions your audience has as a result of the ads you place. In essence, engagement measures how many interactions an ad is getting.

The interaction in question can be in the form of many things. On social media Instagram for example, the interaction from the audience could be likes, comments, shares, and save. It's a shame if your business account has many followers, but minimal interaction with the content you upload. The more interactions, the higher engagement rate your ad.

Why is engagement important? Since engagement measures the feedback from the audience, the effectiveness of the ad can be monitored.

You can see whether the ad has succeeded in getting the attention of the audience, whether the ad is liked by the audience, whether the audience is interested and curious about your ad, even you can find out whether your business has a good relationship with the audience or not.

Tips to Increase Engagement

It takes planning and effort to get your ad to attract an audience to engage. It's not easy to build a relationship with an audience, but it's not impossible.

So, if you're still having trouble increasing engagement, here are some: tips which you can apply:

  • Create Quality Ads

If you want ads that are attractive and liked by your audience, of course your ads must be of high quality. Both in terms of content, messages, audio, to visuals, it must be arranged neatly so that the overall results are good. For that, you must know what kind of quality ads. This will increase the likelihood that your audience will like your ad.

  • Create Interactive Ad Content

What is interactive ad content? the point is advertising that can invite interaction from the audience. Instead of simply providing information about products and prices, you can package it in other ways so that your audience can participate.

For example, you can create promotional content in the form of quizzes, Polling, or maybe giveaway namely a prize program that invites the audience to actively participate.

  • Stay relevant (pay attention to target audience, follow trends)

In any business industry, promotion strategies must be tailored to the target audience. Pay attention to your target audience segment and know their preferences. Also, to make your ads more relevant, you should with the trend. Ads that are relevant and in accordance with the target audience of course tend to be preferred.

  • Interaction

In addition to the three tips above, you can also try inserting sentences that invite interaction. The trick is to give questions or guesses that make the audience interested in commenting, even curious.

For example, instead of simply writing "There are various variants of ice cream", you can add the question "What ice cream would you like to try? Comment below yes!".

That way, the audience will feel compelled to interact.

Well, that was an explanation of engagement and some tips to improve it. If you regularly seek to increase engagement, then your ad engagement rate will definitely go up.

Approximately, which tips will you try first? Good luck!

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