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Ways to Choose Effective Ad Types, Important to Know before Advertising

Confused about advertising in newspapers, radio, billboards, or social media? Check out the following discussion before deciding!

Now there are various options for advertise. Starting from traditional to modern ways, with various media. Every business seems to be competing to carry out promotions, for example through advertising, to reach a larger audience and achieve its goals.

Advertising must not only be attractive, but must also successfully convey the message to the audience. Through advertising, a brand can not only get brand awareness but also conversion. That is, the use of advertising will greatly help the growth of a business.

However, did you know that not all ads effective to use? The type of ad you choose depends on the purpose of the ad itself.

Anything? see the following discussion, yes!

out of home (OOH)

Image by Steven London from Pixabay

Advertisement out of home (OOH) or outdoor advertising are all forms of advertising that are outside the room, such as billboardneon boxesbillboards, public transportation, public facilities, and others.

This type of ad is suitable when the purpose of the ad is to elicit a response from the target audience before they get home. The advantage is that OOH ads can have an offline effect to online. For example, after viewing an ad, people can place an order for a product online at marketplace

In addition, OOH advertising is also good for products or brands that do not have a specific target market. Because OOH ads can be seen by anyone and can't be defined, so OOH ads have a wide reach. On the other hand, for products or brands that have a specific target market, it is less suitable to choose this type of advertising.

Native ads

Image by Hannes Edinger from Pixabay

native ads is a form of advertising that is made to look as organic as possible. Nactive ads presented in a display adapted to the platform on which it is placed, in the hope that the audience does not realize that it is an advertisement.

Then, when native ads right chosen? native ads suitable for advertisers who seek to connect with their audience in a natural style, soft selling, and cause minimal disturbance. This type of ad is a solution to avoid the audience blocking or closing the ad.

Social media ads

Image by Adelmo Donis from Pixabay

True to its name, social media ads are advertisements placed on social media, be it Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, or any social media.

This type of advertisement is very suitable for use by products or brands that have a target market in the form of people who are digitally literate, familiar with technology, and active users of social media.

Broadly speaking, generally this type of advertising is most effective at targeting Millennials or Gen Z, who are familiar with social media. On the other hand, this ad is very inappropriate if the intended audience is Baby Boomers, who tend to be unfamiliar with the use of social media.

However, you also need to pay attention to the social media platform you choose. This is because each platform certainly has different user characteristics.

Printed Media

Image by Steve Bussinne from Pixabay

Printed media or advertisements in the mass media in printed form can be done in newspapers or magazines. Although now people are starting to switch from print media to digital media, this type of advertisement is still in demand.

Of course, print media has special advantages over other media. First, print media is considered more credible. Therefore, advertising in print media is the right choice when the advertiser needs great trust from the audience.

Second, print media hassensory presence", which can be felt by the senses of the body. In magazines, for example, readers can feel the texture of the paper, smell the distinctive smell of paper, hear the sound of pages being turned over. Thus, advertisements in print media leave more impressions than other media.

Third, print media has a specific audience. In music magazines, the reader is specifically a music fan or people who are in the music industry. This makes it easy when you want to place ads with a specific target audience.


Image by chunchun from Pixabay

Advertising on the radio is still loved today. How not, radio is unique as a locality-based media, although it is possible to reach a wider audience. Well, if you as an advertiser need a specific target audience in terms of geography, radio can be the right choice.

In addition, advertisements on radio are considered capable of attracting the attention of listeners. Radio is generally listened to while people are driving on a road trip, where there is not much distraction. The listeners only focused on the street while listening to the radio broadcast.

Therefore, advertising on radio is effective in advertising products or services that do not prioritize visuals, but emphasize the audio aspect only.


Have you been able to determine the ads you want to use? Before you choose an ad for your brand, it's important to know what aspects to highlight and what types of ads support those aspects.

Hope it works!

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