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Kuncie Prints Positive Performance in 2023, Corporate Customers are the Main Contributors

This year Kuncie will be integrated with commercial assets Telkomsel and expand the executive class

Startups EdTech Kuncie revealed positive performance throughout 2023, the corporate customer segment was said to be the main contributor. This achievement will be continued with innovation in presenting products that are relevant to consumers.

Kuncie CEO Hendra Saputra said that the value of their business transactions in 2023 will increase by 3,5x, followed by revenue growth of almost 2x. It's just that he didn't elaborate further on the contribution of each product.

According to him, this growth was contributed by positive performance in the corporate customer segment through the Corporate Training Solutions program, various learning video module purchases, and a series of learning classes self-paced personalized.

Then, followed by programs specifically for individual users, such as Kuncie Executive program, the result of collaboration with SBM ITB (School of Business Management, Bandung Institute of Technology) and UGM (Gadjah Mada University).

“For us, this achievement not only reflects solid financial growth, but also a validation of value which is presented by Kuncie as a platform that increases the competence and capacity of its users. This achievement also provides a strong foundation for us to continue to strengthen our presence in the industry EdTech and continue to provide exclusive and quality learning experiences to various levels of society in Indonesia," said Hendra in an official statement.

He continued, Kuncie's Corporate Training Solutions program has been trusted by various multi-industry companies because it has more value than similar players. Namely:

  1. Have a platform management system for effective management of employee training processes and progress. As well as, it can be personalized and combines Kuncie's existing programs into a specially redesigned curriculum.
  2. Providing video production services specifically for massive open online courses (MOOC) which is used by several companies as a learning medium for their employees.
  3. Integrating Kuncie's various superior programs, starting from collaboration with SBM ITB (Mini MBA General Management, Data Analytics, and Political Marketing) and UGM (Human Capital Management), to programs in-house training to increase hard skills and soft skills employee.

Throughout this year, Kuncie plans to integrate its services with commercial assets Telkomsel, such as Halo+, Ilmupedia, and Indihome services. It is hoped that this integration will encourage the development of innovation that will contribute to Kuncie's business growth in the future.

In addition, we will present more Kuncie Executive classes with various educational institutions in Indonesia, more intensively expanding business partnerships with more companies in order to support progress through increasing employee potential and productivity.

Hendra believes that, even though this industry is considered to be facing increasingly complex challenges, he believes that edtech still has bright prospects, especially those targeting the professional segment.

“We are also optimistic that we will be able to survive and grow this year. "We also carry out these innovations to realize inclusive access to education that suits various levels of society in Indonesia," concluded Hendra.

Different fate

In a previously published article DailySocial.id, player's fate EdTech in non-K12 players are more "lucky" than K-12 players, considering that the challenges faced by the two are also different. Capable and SMART are some of those that thrive.

Cakap Co-founder & CEO Tomy Yunus revealed that as of the third quarter of 2023, Cakap was able to maintain a positive growth trend with an increase in the number of users and revenue of more than 100% year-on-year, as well as posting positive EBITDA.

As much as 50% of Cakap's total revenue comes from the Language business pillar, then the rest comes from the Business and Upskill pillars (vocational and skills classes, such as hospitality, offices and entrepreneurship). Throughout the first semester of 2023, English courses are still the biggest contributor. The users are of productive age, around 20-29 years old spread across Jabodetabek, Bandung and Lampung.

More Coverage:

"Demand "Education continues to develop, reflected in Cakap's performance which continues to grow with innovations that are relevant to market interests, both during and after the Covid-19 pandemic," said Tomy.

Meanwhile, PINTAR Co-founder and CEO Ray Pulungan said that PINTAR has four product pillars: PINTAR Skills (skills training), PINTAR Degrees (higher education), PINTAR Enterprise (employee learning and development), and PINTAR Opportunity (placement of individuals into the job market and opening market access for MSME owners).

The combination of these four segments allows the company to serve the diverse training and development needs of both organizations and individuals. It is claimed that most of its business is now focused on the B2B market, with a contribution of around 70% of the company's total business.

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