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6 Best Korean Drama Watch Apps on Android

On demand application for you KDrama lovers, have you tried it?

The South Korean entertainment industry is currently increasingly loved. Be it music or acting, especially serial dramas. Apart from its handsome and beautiful visuals, it is undeniable that this drama from the country of ginseng is very intent on being created with scenes that deserve thumbs up.

If in their own country people can enjoy it through television, you know there are many on-demand applications for international fans. Some of these platforms themselves were designed and collaborated officially with the drama production houses.

But, if you are still free capital that is free of charge is also available! Listen to the end!

There are even those that contain free shows of dramas that are so popular. Anything? Following DailySocial.id mention one by one:


VIU as one of the long popular Kdrama watching applications (Google Play)

For long-time fans of Korean dramas, this application may already be familiar. It can be said that the VIU application is Kdrama heaven. Many popular dramas are loaded in this application to fulfill the wishes of the audience individually on demand and easy to run.

Already providing a translation feature, international viewers don't have to worry about language barriers. The premium content itself is cheap, starting from 30 thousand rupiah per month. If you're a free user, get ready to see lots of ads. However, VIU often holds exciting events to watch many drama titles for free, you know.

Not only dramas, popular variety shows like Running Man, My Ugly Duckling, Knowing Brothers and others are also available. Showtimes that are close to the original broadcast make viewers don't worry about being left behind. The subtitle release itself takes 1-2 days.

The drawback itself, VIU is an application that often undergoes upgrades and cannot be used if the user does not do it immediately.


Netflix as a viewing platform with many views (Google Play)

If first Netflix is ​​known as a platform for Western movies and series, with the rapid international interest in South Korean entertainment. Netflix started working with the Hallyu industry and gave birth to several original dramas that are not to be missed.

Some titles like Law School, Squid Game, Sweet Home exclusively watchable via Netflix. Unfortunately Netflix does not have a free feature, users can pay from 54 thousand per month only for smartphone devices.


iQIYI is also full of Asian dramas (Google Play)

For those of you who enjoy watching Asian shows, iQIYI can be the next choice, including watching Korean dramas. Multi-language subtitles help viewers better understand video content, support offline cache and TV projection, better big screen viewing experience.

VIP users can enjoy ad-free viewing, high quality 1080P Blu-ray, and Dolby sound effects. Through the viewing history feature, viewers don't have to worry about delaying the show. If you are confused about what to watch, iQIYI also provides a "Top 10" column containing shows that are currently being watched.

Unfortunately, users often complain about the uncomfortable display of subtitles.

WeTV : Asian & Local Drama

WeTV is now gaining popularity in Indonesia (Google Play)

WeTV has also become one of the application platforms for watching dramas from various countries on the Asian continent. Even this video on demand application tends to be filled with dramas from Indonesia. But don't worry, various popular Korean dramas are also owned by the platform with subscription fees starting from 25 thousand rupiah per month.

Easy payment features, supported by various types of resolutions according to the wishes of the audience. As well as a download feature so that viewers can save the shows they want to watch later. Some foreign shows are even dubbed into Indonesian.

On the Android operating system, some users complain that the play button is located at the end with a small size. This is annoying because viewers can't easily pause and play a show without exiting the video that's playing.

Disney + Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar may have previously been known to be full of Western series. But the emergence of Korean dramas Snowdrop starring Jisoo Blackpink getting to know Disney+ as one of the best Kdrama watching apps. Several exclusive dramas are produced by Disney+ with a fairly unique storyline.

You don't have to worry about lack of shows on Disney+. Moreover, the layout of the display is made as comfortable as possible according to the production house and country of origin of the show. As soon as you finish with one impression, you immediately get a recommendation of a similar impression.

Unfortunately Disney+ still has the limitation of downloading videos for offline viewing. This software can only download 5 videos and delete old videos automatically from app storage.


Drakor.ID comes for free with pretty good features (Google Play)

As the name implies, Drakor.id was created to fulfill the desires of Korean drama lovers. This streaming application can be used at any time relying on Wi-Fi or a data connection, as well as a download feature for offline viewing.

As a free application, Drakor.id is already quite superior in several areas oh. Starting from the Watch history feature and movie bookmarks, backup history, and search by genre and title.

However, some users have complained about having difficulty opening certain dramas even though the internet connection is working fine.

Based on the applications above that are highly recommended, which one is your choice?

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