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This is the list of Indonesian Agritech Startups that are Farmers' Solutions

Agritech startups in Indonesia have a variety of business models, ranging from supply chain management, e-commerce, to fintech

Startups agritech Indonesia is one thing that many people should know. Because it can be the basic foundation for the economic development of the Indonesian people. Reported by BPS (Central Bureau of Statistics), Indonesia's agricultural production increased 2,59% in the fourth quarter of 2021. Therefore, agriculture is the source of the biggest role to become one of the pillars of the economy.

The presence of digital startups in agriculture (argitech) also seen as a new hope to bring the Indonesian agricultural industry to a higher level. By presenting new mechanisms and business models for production efficiency to distribution.

The following is a list of agricultural startups in Indonesia that are worth knowing:

my farm

PT Agriaku Digital Indonesia (Agriaku) is a startup agritech Indonesia which provides various equipment and needs of farmers through the agency system or social commerce. They were recently led by Arise, a collaborative fund managed by MDI Ventures and Finch Capital.

Agriaku was founded in May 2021 by Irvan Kolonas and Danny Handoko. Ivan does have experience as an entrepreneur in the field of agribusiness, currently also serving as CEO of Vasham. Meanwhile, Danny is the former Co-Founder & CEO of Airy Indonesia. their collaboration can combine expertise in agriculture and technology to provide comprehensive services to agro-SMEs and farmers.

With the fresh funds raised, Agriaku plans to increase the number of farmers in its network to successfully penetrate Indonesia's $17 billion market. Since its inception, Agriaku has empowered more than 6 thousand partners and small farmers throughout Indonesia through technology. Agriaku has a dream to become a superapp for agri players in Indonesia.


Crowde is a startup fintech was founded by Yohanes Sugihtononugroho in 2015 which focuses on agriculture that empowers Indonesian farmers with technology and capital. Thousands of farmers and investors across Indonesia have entrusted Crowde with achieving what it has never done before.

Easy financial ecosystem for farmers to connect with investor who seek interest with farmers who expect capital to grow, create jobs, and help local communities.

Eden Farm

Eden Farm more focused on serving the best products from local farmers to various restaurants and food stalls in Indonesia. The startup, which was founded in 2017 by David Gunawan, has the goal of making Indonesian culinary businesses use ingredients that come from local farmers.

Based on information from its official website, Eden Farm is a supplier of various types of vegetables and food ingredients such as hydroponic vegetables, fruit, and dry ingredients.


Ethanee is an app E-commerce focusing on food and agricultural products. Designed to start with our farmers and ranchers who do not get proper economic rights. In fact, they are the production chain with their hard work producing the best products that we consume.

In addition, inefficient logistics and delivery chains are the cause of high consumer buying prices which also triggered the birth of Etanee which was initiated in early 2017. Therefore, Etanee was created as a solution for farmers and ranchers to have an income that suits them.

Herry Nugraha and Cecep Mochamad Wahyudin founded Etanee in 2017 to focus on developing agricultural businesses in Indonesia. They received an initial fund of 7 billion Rupiah from East Ventures to expand to several regions in Indonesia.

Habibi Garden

In Indonesia, there are also agricultural technology startups, namely: Habibi Garden. Startup company agritech Indonesia has a goal to build civilization through agriculture internet of things (IoT). This company does present IoT-based plant care solutions. This startup helps provide data through smartphone.

There are sensors that are used to help get that data. The data provided, for example, is the condition of the soil and nutrients in plants. This can help farmers reduce costs, increase productivity and prevent crop failure.

agritech startup This one Indonesia was founded in 2016 by Dian Prayogi Susanto. At the beginning of its establishment, Habibi Garden received 8 billion Rupiah assisted by several Series A funding investors.


The startup is engaged in agriculture which allows business actors to farm without having to go down to their own farmland to plant. It is enough by registering, selecting the land and the type of tree, then business actors can receive money for the land.

After the land is processed and harvested, agricultural products can be sold with a portion of 40% for users, 20% for plantation management partners (farmers), and 20% for iGrow. This company was founded in 2014. Now iGrow has been acquired and is included in the LinkAja group.

Vegetable Shop

This startup service focuses more on distributing agricultural products in the form of vegetables to consumers. With a system of inviting conventional vegetable traders to be part of the Vegetable Shop as a Vegetable Partner.

This vegetable partner is the only main service that is presented to provide convenience for users, especially housewives who want to shop for vegetable needs without the hassle, but still have the best quality vegetables.

The startup, which was first initiated in 2016 by Adrian Hernanto, has secured two funding rounds in 2019, both of which were led by East Ventures. The first funding was obtained in May amounting to $1,3 million and the second funding was carried out three months later, namely in August with a larger nominal of 4 million US dollars.


More Coverage:

Founded in 2017, Sayurbox uses the business concept farm-to-table. This concept supports consumers to be able to obtain a variety of quality fresh vegetables and fruits directly from local farmers and producers.

Sayurbox, a start-up that combines food technology and ingredients, announced that it has secured $120 million series C funding or more than Rp. 1,7 trillion.


Another agricultural startup that stands out is TaniHub. Startups This is known to build a farmer ecosystem from financing, planting, to marketing. In this application, agricultural products enter the market, thus burdening farmers to market these products.

TaniHub itself is an application that is part of the TaniGroup. Within the group, there is not only TaniHub but also TaniFund. Last June 2021, Tanihub received series B funding worth 945 billion Rupiah led by MDI Ventures.

Those are some Indonesian agritech startups that can be a solution for them. Technological developments have provided many opportunities, including in agriculture.

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