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Choice of Featured Templates and Features at SIRCLO Store

Various Templates and Best Features in SIRCLO Store

Website creation platform E-commerce, SIRCLO Store, making it easy for users to create their online stores. The process of creating an online shop website becomes easier with the various template choices provided.

Each template, such as Slick, Uno, Merlin, Lastino, Jelita, Minimalio, Groocery, Bambita, Kafetarina, Melodika, Urban, Rose, and Framic, has a different format and function, allowing users to customize the appearance according to their needs.

In managing the appearance of the website, SIRCLO provides a guide or cheatsheet for each template that can be downloaded. Users can easily adjust the appearance using the guidebook provided, ensuring their website looks professional and attractive.

Website Store or Web store features

Product Ratings and Reviews

This feature not only provides an opportunity for customers to provide ratings and reviews of the products they purchase. However, you as the shop owner can also manage and respond feedback received.

Social Media Buttons

Easy integration with social media buttons, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok, allows customers to quickly find and connect with the store's social media accounts.

Login Image

Attractive templates can be optimized by adding the best product images or brand identity via the Login Image feature. This is to improve the customer's shopping experience.

Widget Management

Each template provides special features such as Widgets (mini promotional banners), Footer Links, and Footer Text which can be managed via the display settings menu in the SIRCLO Store Admin Panel.

Featured Collection Features

This feature allows adding special places for featured products. This gives you the flexibility to arrange the order of products in your preferred collection.

Filter and Sort Products

Allows you to display product lists with various filters, such as size variants, colors, price ranges, and product tags.

WhatsApp Button Management

The WhatsApp Button feature makes it easier to interact between online store visitors and brands via the WhatsApp instant messaging application. For this, you need to first integrate WhatsApp with the website.

The shop display becomes Under Construction

This setting allows you to display the "Under Construction" status according to your shop's needs.

Language Settings for Webstore

You can adjust the language on the website by choosing between English and Indonesian via the language settings in the SIRCLO Store Admin Panel.

Instant Checkout Feature

The SIRCLO Store 2.0 Instant Checkout feature speeds up the purchasing process by directing visitors directly to the Checkout page after clicking the 'Buy Now' button.

Navigation Creation

This feature allows you to easily create navigation according to your needs. This will help you to improve the visitor experience when shopping online at your store.

With a wide selection of templates and features on offer, SIRCLO Store gives users the convenience and freedom to create an online store that suits their vision and needs.

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