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OneAset Opportunity as One Investment Platform Pintu Made by Group Akulaku

Launching OneAset NFT Marketplace that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain network, opening up the opportunity for everyone to become an NFT creator

Akulaku Group officially introduced service wealthtech latest "OneAset", super app investment special. This application actually started to be present since February 2022 for the Android version and continued for the iOS version a month after. OneAset's ambition is to make it easier for Indonesians to invest in one place. Also as a place for financial literacy education, financial management, and the investment community.

President Director OneAsset Breggy Anderson said, there are various kinds of investment applications in Indonesia at this time, but from his observations, there are still many applications that only focus on selling products and targeting users who are experienced in the investment world.

“At OneAset, we want to meet the investment needs of the younger generation with a friendly and user-friendly interface . Therefore, OneAset provides a Community feature where users and an influencer finance can interact with each other and share knowledge [..],” he explained.

Judging from the management structure at OneAset, it is filled by people who have a strong background in the financial world. Breggy previously served as AVP of Investment Banking at RHB Sekuritas and Vice President of Business Development at Assetku. Next, there is Lisa Leonard who holds the position of Business Solution Associate at KPMG Australia and Assistant CEO at Assetku.

At the commissioner level, there is the name Masa Paskalis Lingga with more than 33 years of experience in banking and fintech. Masa's last position before joining OneAset was Deputy CEO of UangTeman and Senior Advisor of Financial Institution LinkAja. Then there's Gordon Wu who previously served as CFO of My Assets, part of Akulaku GROUP.

Offer insurance, gold and NFT products

Now OneAsset has equipped itself with insurance, gold, and NFT portfolio classes. In providing these products, the company partners with various licensed companies. For insurance, it is supported by the brokerage company PT Sinergi Adi Utama. As for the gold investment class, it is supported by PT Indogold Solusi Pawn.

Breggy claims, since the gold investment product was first released, it has been traded by more than 500 thousand users. As for insurance, there are products ranging from life, health, accident, to unit-linked insurance. It said there were more than 150 policies sold in the three months since its launch, providing personal protection to users of more than IDR 560 billion.

"Buyers can also directly communicate and ask questions about online insurance registration, smart underwriting, policy questions and education that aims to provide additional asset value, insurance protection and health services to application users."

As for NFT, OneAset takes a business model marketplace which allows all creators to mint into the platform. For transactions using fiat, with top up balance via OneWallet. A number of creators are said to have joined, one of them is Edo Huang.

“Along with the launch of NFT by OneAset users, we also participated in launching our own NFT using a mascot named Ruci. Ruci itself is presented with various and up-to-date themes.”

In search DailySocial.id, OneAset NFT utilizes the blockchain network developed by its parent, namely Binance Smart Chain (BSC). As is known, BSC technology provides convenience in making smart contracts and decentralized applications in a structured manner.

In addition, every NFT sold, like most NFT platforms Other marketplaces, creators will be rewarded for their digital work. Creators are paid each time their NFT work is transferred from one wallet to another. They can pocket up to 10% royalties.

Take for example, if the creator sets a selling price of IDR 1 million and a royalty of 10%. then the creator will receive Rp1,095 million from the sale, plus a 1,5% transaction fee and a listing fee of Rp10 thousand.

OneAsset Challenge

From the outside, the offer presented by OneAset has a noble mission, not only to make it easier for people to access investment products in one pintu, also no less important is the community. Quoting from OJK data, there are currently 8,62 million capital market investors in Indonesia. The figure is up 15,11% from April 28, 2022.

Of the total investors, it is dominated by the generation aged less than 30 years whose portion reaches 60,29%. However, the asset value of this age group is relatively low compared to other age groups with a total value of IDR 52,18 trillion. Meanwhile, the highest asset value is in the group with the fewest number of investors, namely those aged 60 years and over with asset values ​​reaching Rp566,04 trillion.

This condition reflects that this youngest age group needs to be guided in their investment journey. Proving the domino effect of the increasing number of new investors during the pandemic, namely the need to upgrade yourself in accessing financial content.

These sources of information can be obtained both free and paid. However, the struggle to obtain it is scattered in various sources. Who would have thought that the investment experience turned out to be this quiet, especially for novice investors. This is where the community function is needed. This strategy is also a form of anticipation of the players for user retention.

Various investment platforms began to form communities, such as Ajaib, Bareksa, Pluang, which utilizes communication channels, such as Telegram and embraces various an influencer famous finance.

More Coverage:

Quoting from a survey conducted by Tokenomy and Indodax in 2021, it was found that the presence of a community containing a certain group of investors is important because it helps them understand technical fluency. Because, later it can shape the way they make investment decisions and help the adoption of new technologies in the future.

The survey also found that one out of every three respondents stated that they are not familiar with the concepts behind blockchain. On average Indonesian investors are part of one to three different online communities (Telegrams, Facebook groups) — these communities are used for integrated marketing campaigns and educational purposes.

In terms of regulatory compliance, it seems that OneAset also needs to be careful in marketing its products. This is because OJK has issued a prohibition letter for companies in the capital market sector from marketing, promoting, or advertising financial products and services, other than those that have been granted permission by OJK, including securities issued abroad (offshore products).

As is known, investment activities in Indonesia are supervised by two different institutions, namely OJK and CoFTRA. OJK only supervises the activities of stocks, mutual funds, bonds, sukuk, exchange trade funds (ETFs), derivatives, crowdfunding securities, peer to peer lending. Beyond that, it is in the realm of Bappbeti, such as futures trading (signals foreign exchange), crypto, and gold.

Assisted with business children Akulaku A group engaged in the financial world, OneAset still has a long way to go. For example, integrated with Asetku and Bank Neo Commerce.

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