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6 Ways to Make Brochures Using Microsoft Word

Making brochures using Microsoft Word? You can, really!

While walking, you must have been suddenly given a flyer by someone. Brochures are a marketing product in a conventional form. Usually, brochures are used during certain activities, for example events, campaigns and promotions.

Currently, there is a lot of software that you can use to make brochures, such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, and even Microsoft Word. Don't worry if you can't design brochures, there are many templates available that you can use according to your needs. Here's how to make a flyer in Microsoft Word.

Determine the Theme and Purpose of the Brochure

Before making a brochure, you have to make sure what brochure you are going to make. After that, you can determine the content on the brochure when it is created.

For example, you want to make a school promotion brochure, of course the photos included are photos of the school you want to promote. Try to keep the content in the brochure aligned with the purpose and theme of the brochure, OK?

Content Preparation

At this stage you can collect images that are relevant to the brochure. Also prepare the text that will be included in the brochure. Make sure the sentences you use are interesting and easy for readers to understand.

Run Microsoft Word

Next, you can start to operate Microsoft Word. Run the Microsoft Word application on your laptop device. If you usually choose the Blank Document menu, this time you can use the template provided by Microsoft Word to make brochures.

Enter Brochure Theme

Next, you can write down the brochure theme that you want to make on the search page. Then you can choose the template you want. Try to choose a template with an attractive design, OK? Then click templates.

Template Customization

At this stage, you can replace the existing text and images on the template with your own brochure content. You have to edit neatly so that the brochure will be easy to read later. Don't load a lot of writing, later it will result in the brochure being too dense to read.

Save Brochure

After the brochure is finished, you can save it in two ways. Namely click Save or Save as. Save is used to save documents, meanwhile if you want to save documents in other formats such as JPG, PNG, PDF, you can select the Save As menu.

Tips for Making Brochures

Here are tips that can be applied when you make brochures.

1. Use an attractive design template. The reason is, an attractive design will make it easier for the reader.

More Coverage:

2. Try not to use long sentences. Short but full of information.

3. Use attractive photos. Don't let the photos you use are low-quality photos.

Here's an article on how to make a flyer in Microsoft Word. You can choose a template that is as attractive as possible so that your brochure looks good. Hopefully the above article is useful, yes!

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