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How to Advertise on Instagram - UMKM Go Digital Series Part XVI

How to advertise with the Instagram Ads paid advertising platform.

Advertising on Instagram Ads is one strategy promotion which is now widely used by online business owners. Besides being effective, placing ads on Instagram Ads is also very easy and cheap, even for beginners who just want to try advertising online paid.

In this article, you will find out a complete way of placing ads through Instagram Ads, starting from how to install Instagram Ads, how to pay, until your ad appears.

Don't forget to also read the previous guide at: MSME Go Digital Series. So that your understanding is more complete.

But, before going into the Instagram ad posting tutorial, let's get acquainted first platform ad from Instagram this.

What are Instagram Ads?

Instagram Ads are platform advertising on Instagram that can be used by Instagram business account users. Just like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads are also paid ads. However, advertising with Instagram Ads does not require large capital. You can start advertising with capital starting from IDR 20.000.

With the number of Instagram users today, advertising with Instagram Ads is an effective solution for Instagram users online shop owners in promoting their products and businesses. You can reach hundreds of thousands to millions of potential customers just by placing ads on Instagram Ads.


Example of Post Instagram Ads


Examples of Instagram Ads Stories



Not only that, you can also place targeted ads on Instagram Ads so that the ads you display will be more optimal. If you don't place ads with a specific target, Instagram will also help you by targeting potential candidates audience with the same criteria as audience you currently.

How to Install Instagram Ads

To be able to start following how to advertise on Instagram Ads, make sure you have changed your Instagram account or store online you to Business Accounts. In addition, also make sure you have created a post that you will advertise. You can advertise posts from feed or from Instagram story. Then, follow the steps below.

  • Login ke Instagram.
  • Open post or story that you want to advertise.
  • Click button Boost Post on post feed or button Booston post story.



  • Next, select goal You are installing Instagram Ads. There are three goals which you can choose. You can increase the number of visits to your profile, increase the number of visits to website you, or increase the amount direct message.



  • Then, click Next.
  • After that, you will enter the ad target settings. You can select the target automatically from Instagram or custom your own targets. For how to target Instagram ads or custom target, click create your own.



  • Then, enter the name audience that you are targeting. You can enter any name in this field. For example, you can enter the name “Teenagers” or “Young Mothers” according to your ad target in that column.



  • Next, click Locations and select any location you want to reach. For the range of locations, you can go back to see the products that you market. If you are a businessman in the food sector, maybe you want to target audience which is not too far away.



  • After the location, enter Interest from the target audience You. For example if you sell sports products, you can enter interest pada sports, fitness, gym, and others.



  • Then, determine the target age and gender audience you on Age & Gender.



  • If custom target audience When finished, click the check mark in the upper right corner. Then, click Next to go to the next stage.



  • The next step is to determine budget advertise you. You can start with IDR 20.000/day up to IDR 10.000.000/day. For duration, you can advertise from 1 to 30 days. More and more budget and the longer the duration of the ad will certainly expand the reach of your ad. So, choose budget and duration to suit your needs.



  • If you have determined budget & duration, click Next.
  • you will see review your ad, starting from goal, audienceand budget which you have previously set.
  • Then, you can also see how your ad will look with a click Preview Ad.



  • The last step is to fill up the Instagram Ads balance and click the button Boost post to start your Instagram Ads.

How to Pay for Instagram Ads

When you follow how to install Instagram Ads above, in the last step you are asked to fill in the balance for ad payments. There are several methods that you can choose to fill out your Instagram Ads payment balance, including using debit and credit cards, bank transfers, and Doku Wallet. 

In the tutorial below, we will show you how to pay for Instagram ads by bank transfer. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • At stage review Instagram Ads, click Payment.



  • Then, enter payment information starting from the name of the country, currency, and time zone. When everything is correct, click Next.
  • Then, enter the nominal balance that you want top-up and select a payment method.



  • You will see several payment methods available. For the bank transfer method itself, there are three options, including bank transfers via BNI bank, bank transfer via Mandiri bank, and other bank transfers. If you use a bank other than BNI and Mandiri, select Bank Transfers (Other Banks).
  • Then, click Add funds. You will be redirected to browser to continue the payment process.



  • Enter name and Email. Then, click Continue.



  • After that, you will receive payment instructions to Permata bank with the nominal you entered earlier.



  • You can make payments via ATM, internet banking, or mobile banking with the instructions on the page. In addition to that page, you can also see payment instructions on inbox address Email that you entered earlier.




  • After you make a payment by bank transfer, then the balance will be automatically filled. If the balance is sufficient, you can use it to make your Instagram Ads payments.

How to Know Instagram Ads Are Live

After filling the balance and placing an ad on Instagram Ads, your ad will not appear immediately, but Instagram will first review whether your ad is eligible to serve or not.

You may be wondering, how long does it take to wait for ad approval from Instagram? Instagram will review your ad for a maximum of 1x24 hours before approving your ad to serve.

So, how do you know if an Instagram ad is running? You can see your ad that has been served through the menu Ad tools on your Instagram profile.

Advantages of Advertising with Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads is one of the many platform paid advertising that you can try. In addition to being easy and cheap, it turns out that there are several advantages of Instagram Ads compared to platform other paid ads. You can consider these advantages before deciding to advertise on Instagram Ads.

  • Reach more. When you place an ad on Instagram Ads, you can see the reach number of your ad. Instagram Ads reach from thousands to millions per day depending on the costs you incur.
  • Increase brand awareness. If you are a startup business that focuses on improving brand awareness, Instagram Ads is a great tool for that. Choice goals available on Instagram Ads is very much in line with the mission of improving awareness audience to brand You.
  • Specific targets. You can create specific ad targets by specifying location, interests, gender, and age-specific features custom audiences. This is certainly very helpful for your ad to reach you hearings right.
  • Various ad formats. In Instagram Ads, the ad formats that will be served are quite diverse. Among them are in the form of post pada feed, post pada exploreand story.

That's the information on how to place an ad with the paid advertising feature of Instagram Ads. How to advertise on Instagram Ads can be an alternative for those of you who want to try paid advertising for business online You. With a starting capital of twenty thousand rupiah, you can reach many potential customers with Instagram Ads. Good luck!

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