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Grab Inaugurated the "Clean & Fix" Service with Sejasa

Participant Grab Velocity Ventures batch two is conducting a "pilot project" on the platform Grab and Kudos

Grab and Sejasa.com inaugurated the Clean & Fix service to order appliance repair and home maintenance services in the application Grab. This service is a realization meritorious who was selected as one of the best graduates Grab First batch of Velocity Ventures.

Executive Director Grab Indonesia Ongki Kurniawan said, Clean & Fix is ​​the result of the hypothesis that was carried out Grab after pilot project with Sejasa in December 2018. Before Clean & Fix officially arrived, Grab enter Sejasa in the form widget on the main page of the application Grab.

There, user Grab You can order Sejasa services through in-app Grab. After learning for four weeks, for initial testing in Greater Jakarta alone, there was an increase in transactions between 50% -70%. The incoming data becomes insight which strengthens Grab until finally inaugurating Clean & Fix as a form of service tile.

"From that number, it means there is demand big one and our hypothesis proven. There really is gap time for its preparation, from the end at the beginning of this year until now it can only be inaugurated because we want to prepare a more perfect experience," explained Ongki, Tuesday (10/9).

In this service, Grab only focus on providing services related to repair and maintenance of houses in Sejasa. Meanwhile, Sejasa itself has services for more than 100 types of services from 50 categories, ranging from contractors, interior designers, plumbers, to AC technicians.

Another differentiator lies in the payment method that is connected to Ovo when ordering via Grab. Previously, Sejasa only provided cash payments. Other guarantees, Sejasa promises verified service providers, fast response less than 1 hour, standardized prices, and 30 days service guarantee.

Country Manager Sejasa Anthony Wijaya added that for the initial stage, Clean & Fix was only available in the Jabodetabek area with three services, namely AC, washing machine, and refrigerator services. In October, the coverage area will be expanded to Bandung and Surabaya.

"We want to direct them to start entering home care services to complete scoop Clean & Fix. In the near future we will add carpentry services, plumbers, and house paint services," said Anthony.

In parallel, Clean & Fix is ​​here not only for users Grab in Indonesia. Sejasa Parties are preparing this service to be rolled out to other countries where they operate. In Southeast Asia, Sejasa is under the auspices of the Recommend Group which is also present in Malaysia (Recommend.my) and Thailand (Helpdee.com).

"Maybe at the end of this year or at the latest next year, Clean & Fix can be present where we operate or Grab operating," added Recommend Group Co-Founder and CEO Jes Min Lua.

Overall, Sejasa claims to have embraced more than 40 thousand service providers and 500 thousand customers. Almost 70% of Sejasa's total business comes from Indonesia, as well as for Sejasa's employees.

Anthony mentioned the inclusion of Sejasa in the ecosystem Grab is expected to accelerate the realization of companies that want to empower 100 thousand MSMEs in Indonesia.

Development Grab Velocity Ventures Second Batch

Service inauguration is actually a form of commitment Grab as a super app, by providing an API for startup partners who want to enter the ecosystem Grab. Grab Velocity Ventures (GVV) itself is one way to find such partners.

In the first GVV batch, Grab already announced the service cinema ticket booking by partnering with BookMyShow. Official entry of Sejasa into the application Grab, complete the trip Grab for GVV in this batch.

Ongki explained, GVV has entered the second batch and now it's started pilot project in the ecosystem Grab, considering that it has started to enter the end of the program. Some go directly to the application Grab and Kudo, depending on their business focus.

Those who tend to be more B2B or B2B2C will be directed to Kudo, for example, Pergiumroh, Qoala, and Tanihub. Meanwhile, participants who directly B2C entered Grab is Sayurbox in widget form, just like BookMyShow and Sejasa went through. All participants are testing their business model, is it true that there is no demand, and is it relevant to users Grab.

"Just like last year, we are giving all GVV participants the opportunity to do a pilot project in the ecosystem Grab or Kudos. Of all the tests whether the results are significant or not. If this proven, then we dare to introduce it as real features and hope they can scale up faster business."

Another service that will be coming soon and partnering with third parties is Health. However, according to Ongki, it was slightly delayed from the planned inauguration for the fourth quarter of 2019. Originally planned to be present in August 2019.

The feature provided for the first stage is telemedicine, allowing users to consult online with doctors. Unfortunately, Ongki is still reluctant to reveal the partners who will be recruited for this.

Grab himself has partnered with Calf and Ping an to boost the availability of healthcare services on its platform this year.

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