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E-Catalog Program Guidelines and Procurement Defense, Short Ways for MSMEs to Reach the Market for Government Agencies

Get to know the LKPP E-Catalog program, a business goods procurement program by MSMEs for government agencies.

Expanding the market is the mission of every business. The existence of the E-Catalog program organized by the Government Goods/Services Procurement Policy Institute (LKPP), allows micro, small and medium enterprises to be able to easily reach the market of government agencies.

What is the LKPP E-Catalog program? How is the registration process? Then, how much reach can be obtained by becoming a provider? Don't worry. You will find all this information here.

What is LKPP E-Catalog?

E-Catalog is an application or platform shopping online developed by LKPP. LKPP itself is a non-departmental institution in charge of formulating regulations and policies related to providers of goods/services required by government agencies and is directly responsible to the president.

Through platform E-Catalog, LKPP also provides the widest opportunity for business actors in Indonesia to become a provider and offer goods needed by government agencies.

This LKPP electronic catalog (eCatalogue) has been regulated by Presidential Regulation Number 12 of 2021 concerning Amendments to Presidential Regulation Number 16 of 2018 concerning Government Procurement of Goods/Services.

Requirements to Become an E-Catalog Provider

Interested in becoming a provider of goods for the government? Make sure you meet the specified conditions. On E-Catalog official website, the LKPP has provided information regarding this matter.

The requirements for submitting the provision of goods are different for each program. You can see it on detail every registration of the provision program which is also available on the official website of the LKPP E-Catalog in the menu Announcement.

Registration Process To Become LKPP E-Catalog Provider

Reporting from channel YouTube Government Goods/Services Procurement Policy Institute (LKPP) and eproc LKPP, the following is the procedure for registering to become a provider in the LKPP E-Catalog.

Creating SPSE Account

The first step to apply for the supply of goods in the LKPP E-Catalog is to create an SPSE account. You can create this SPSE account at the nearest LPSE. Here are the steps:

  • Access website nearest LPSE.
  • Then, click the button Provider Registration.
  • put in Email You as a potential provider and the security code on that page.
  • Then, click Sign Up.
  • Next, confirm Email with the click of a button Confirmation in inbox Email registered.
  • Then, you will be redirected back to website LPSE to fill out the registration form.
  • Fill in all the information requested on the registration form.
  • If everything is filled correctly, click Sign Up to save the data you entered.
  • After that, do the verification online or offline at the nearest LPSE.
  • Done. Your SPSE account has been created successfully.

SPSE Account Registration Tutorial Video

Register with SIKaP

After successfully creating an SPSE account, the next step as a prospective provider is to register with SIKaP and complete the data. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Access attitude.lkpp.go.id.
  • Open menu Login to do login.
  • Do login by using user ID and Password SPSE account that you created earlier.
  • After successfully logging in, go to tab Identity to fill in the completeness of the data related to your company identity.
  • Next, complete the information regarding your business license on tabBusiness permit. Select the type of business license, expiration date, qualifications, letter number and business permit issuing agency. Also complete information on business qualifications. If you have, click Save.
  • Next, fill in the information related to the Deed, such as the deed number, date, and also the name of the notary. Then, click Save.
  • Then, complete your data as the owner. Starting from the type of name, nationality, ID number (KTP/Passport), NPWP, address, to the type of ownership.
  • In addition to owner data, you will also be asked to complete management and expert data. Fill in the data completely and correctly, then click Save.
  • After that, fill in the information related to the equipment data on tabEquipment. Enter the name of the equipment, quantity, capacity, brand and type, year of manufacture, condition, location of equipment, ownership status, proof of ownership, and description (if necessary). Click Save.
  • On tab next, that is tab Experience, you will be asked to enter information regarding your completed work experience. Fill in the information completely and correctly. If you have, click Save.
  • Next, fill in the tax information on tab Taxation by entering the type of tax report, tax period, receipt number of the letter, along with the date. Click Save.
  • Finally, fill in the information related to the procurement preferences you want, starting from the location, type of work, organizer, and the estimated price (HBS).
  • Click Save.

Video How to Fill SIKaP Data

Access E-Catalog and Make Submissions

If you have successfully completed the data on SIKaP, then you can immediately register the goods provider on the E-Catalog. You can see the provisioning program available on the official website of the LKPP E-Catalog, the Announcement menu or directly click on it HERE.

If there is a supply program that matches your business qualifications, make a submission for the provision of these goods.

Signing Contract Catalog

Next, the LKPP catalog verifier team will verify your application. If your application is approved, you will enter the stage of signing the contract and displaying the product on the E-Catalog.

Studying the Provider's Pre-Catalog Application Instructions for Use

To make it easier for you as a provider of goods, make sure you learn how to use it by reading the instructions for using the Downloadable Provider Pre Catalog application HERE.

Types of Catalogs in LKPP E-Catalog

In the LKPP E-Catalog, there are three types of catalogs that you need to know as a provider, including the National Electronic Catalog, Sectoral Electronic Catalog, and Local Electronic Catalog.

National Electronic Catalog is an electronic catalog managed by LKPP. Then, Sectoral Electronics Catalog is an electronic catalog managed by an agency or ministry. Whereas Local Electronics Catalog is an electronic catalog managed by local governments.

LKPP E-Catalog Market Coverage

As a business owner who is interested in expanding by becoming a provider in the LKPP E-Catalog, this information about the market coverage of the E-Catalog is certainly important for you. Bhinneka, as one of the E-Catalog providers, shared their experiences regarding this matter.

Novrita Andriana Fitri, Head of Corporate Sales Bhinneka, said that the LKPP E-Catalog can be accessed by every government agency in Indonesia. So, it can be concluded that the E-Catalog covers all KLPDs in Indonesia.

With its wide coverage, E-Catalog also provides significant results for Bhinneka as a provider.

"As an e-commerce company that focuses on B2B and B2G, the existence of e-catalog is quite significant in the process of procuring goods/services that are served," said Novrita.

Types of Goods That Can Be Offered on the E-Catalog

As previously explained, you as a provider can make an offer to supply the requested goods in the Announcement menu on the E-Catalog site. That way, the types of goods/services that you can offer are the types of goods/services required by the ministry or agency.

But, what kind of examples of this type of goods? Since 2015, Bhinneka has been a provider of goods for the LKPP E-Catalog. For types of goods, Bhinneka provides IT and MRO related goods, tools, and office furniture. So, you can also provide these types of goods to offer.

Difference between E-Catalog and Procurement BeLa

In addition to being a provider for the E-Catalog program, Bhinneka is also a provider for the Procurement BeLa program. What's the difference between the two? 

"Procurement Defense is part of LKPP's TokoDaring program. Bhinneka itself is one of the PPMSE in TokoDaring, including on the BeLa Procurement platform,” explained Novrita.

Unlike the E-Catalog which is a direct program of LKPP, BeLa Procurement is part of the TokoDaring program which is also managed by LKPP. However, the function remains the same, you can still provide goods to government agencies in both programs.

Thus the information related to the program to become a provider in the LKPP E-Catalog from the official website and one of the E-Catalog providers, Bhinneka.com. For those of you who want to expand your reach to government agencies, this program is perfect to try.

Prepare the required documents and follow the registration steps above carefully.

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