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Increase Promotion Effectiveness with the SIRCLO Chat Broadcast Message Feature

Maximizing the Use of SIRCLO Chat Broadcast Messages for Effective Promotions

SIRCLO, company e-commerce enablers from Indonesia, opens opportunities for online sellers to optimize their business through innovative solutions, especially through its superior product, SIRCLO Chat.

One of the prominent features offered by SIRCLO Chat is a Broadcast Message, which allows sellers to massively campaign for products via the WhatsApp platform. However, in order to make optimal use of this feature, several steps need to be taken into account.

Broadcast Message

One of the important features in SIRCLO Chat is Broadcast Messages. This feature gives you the freedom to deliver massive promotions via WhatsApp. This will not only reach more customers, but also increase engagement with them. Before taking advantage of this feature, there are several things you need to pay attention to, one of which is related to meta business verification.

Make sure to verify the meta business before using Broadcast Messages to their full potential. With this verification, you can send up to 1000 broadcast messages every day. Of course, you can still take advantage of the Broadcast Message feature even if you haven't verified it. However, you will be limited to sending only 50 broadcast messages a day.

Guide to Using Broadcast Messages

  • Log in to the Chat Commerce Dashboard with your account
  • On the main dashboard, find and click Conversation Channels.
  • Press the WhatsApp Business API Channel option.
  • Select View Details to get more information.
  • Select Add Broadcast in the Broadcast Message menu to start the setup process.
  • Click the Add Message menu
  • Complete the broadcast message format, including the broadcast title and message template. You can use an existing message template or create a new one by following the guide below.
  • View a preview of the template message, make sure everything matches, then click Continue.
  • Select up to 50 broadcast message recipient numbers and set a message sending schedule.
  • Click Save to start sending the message. Broadcast messages will be sent according to the schedule you choose.

Create Template Messages According to Needs

If the available templates don't suit your needs, you have the option to create your own broadcast message template. It is important to remember, when you create a new template, you cannot immediately use it to send broadcast messages. The new sending process can be carried out after 24 hours from the time the template message is created.

Follow these guidelines to create a new message template:

  • Access the SIRCLO Chat menu to get started.
  • Press the Conversation Channel menu
  • Select the View Details option on the WhatsApp channel.
  • Select the Message Template menu.
  • Click Add and fill in all the required fields, including message title, message category, message body, and message footer.
  • Double check the information entered, make sure everything matches, then click Save. Remember, template messages cannot be used immediately as they need to be approved by the Facebook team before they can be sent to your customers.

By following this guide, it is hoped that you can maximize the potential of Broadcast Messages to increase promotional appeal and deepen connections with customers.

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