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AsiaStar 10x10 Becomes Alibaba Cloud's Way to Highlight Indonesian Startups to the Global Scene

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Southeast Asia is known as a region that is famous for its potential for economic growth and its population is dominated by the productive age group. This condition is certainly attractive to investors and foreign workers. It was from this condition that finally pushed the initiative AsiaForward Project Alibaba Cloud in collaboration with various partners of leading technology companies that will host the event AsiaStar 10x10.

Leading partners of the initiative project include; Thomas Tsao (Founding Partner of Gobi Partners), Dzuleira Abu Bakar (CEO of MRANTI Corp), Mohan Belani (CEO and Co-Founder of e27), and many more. Together, these practitioners will recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate the achievements of the various technology start-ups operating in Southeast Asia.

AsiaStar 10x10 will focus on the exhibition of 100 companies, communities and projects operating in ten categories across the Southeast Asian region. With this program, Alibaba Cloud intends to celebrate the technology innovation of society at large together with renowned investors, government agencies, and some of the leading media. Here are ten categories in AsiaStar 10x10 that you need to know:

trailblazers (pioneer)

This category contains pre-IPO companies or projects with Series B funding that have played a crucial role in driving technological innovation in their area of ​​business operations. These companies are considered to have high competitive power and have succeeded in attracting global investors, as well as paving the way for a positive influence on the startup ecosystem in general, which is driven by a wide product range, as well as good performance and business fundamentals.


As the name implies, companies with categories game changer is a start-up company that is considered capable of changing the market situation with brilliant business records and performance, along with the development of Southeast Asia's technology scene.


This category includes promising early-stage startups that have developed solutions, unique and innovative products. Companies in this category have raised funds up to Series B. Startups in this category are also known to be able to bring about essential changes in the markets in which they operate.


The Enabler category includes SaaS companies – companies that provide software-based services – that provide crucial support for companies from every line of business. This company is the basis of the digitalization process of conventional businesses or other companies. Startups in this category have been an important step in modernizing the economy of the Southeast Asian region as a whole.


Companies in this category are Chinese start-ups that have successfully ventured into the Southeast Asia region and built a strong presence. Southeast Asia is home to important overseas markets for technology companies based in China. Company Explore This is considered to have succeeded in overcoming cultural differences, laws and regulations, as well as challenges in terms of localization which usually require adaptive thinking and orientation to the future.

Open Source

Startups open source generally a company that focuses on accelerating digitization, by providing technology support to various other entities. Startups in this cluster also generally emphasize transparency, scalability, and ease of use. Projects Open Source It is also considered capable of accelerating the pace of technological progress in the Southeast Asian region.


Frontier is an umbrella category for startup companies that offer highly technical products. Companies that fall into this category include: quantum computing, a company with innovations in biotech and medical, aerospace technology, and other advanced solutions. Frontiers companies are considered to be able to cause fundamental disruption and can disrupt business stability in today's times, even if their vision seems unreasonable.


Companies in this category have generally brought substantial and significant progress in the places where they operate. Companies will usually have more vision and mission and social goals as their foundation. Not to mention, these companies have also succeeded in introducing their products and solutions to new markets to improve the standard and quality of life of the community.


Usually Investors are the growth backbone for any business that wants to grow. But of course, only investors who have given impact that will be included in this category, taking into account the assets that have been managed, the size of the portfolio, the amount of exit, as well as the whole value for startups in the region.

launch pads

Includes educational and development institutions that provide a safe and comfortable ecosystem for developing startups in the future. This category provides an opportunity for new entrepreneurs to hone their ideas and business acumen them before they step independently.

Interested in joining AsiaStar 10x10? You need to know, from the 10 categories above, only companies and entities in the Growth, Enablers, Open Source, Frontiers, and Impact categories can register openly to anyone at the AsiaStar 10x10 event. Please note, only applicants who have made a significant impact on the Southeast Asian technology scene between July 2021 and June 2022 will be selected.

Each registration will be evaluated by representatives of government institutions, investors, and the media to ensure that all processes are carried out in a transparent and fair manner. To learn more about AsiaStar 10x10, you can visit the official website asiastar10x10.kr-asia.com. Please visit too this link to submit submissions or nominations for categories of 100 companies that will be shown to the public.

DailySocial.id is a media partner of Alibaba Cloud 10x10 program which is part of Alibaba Cloud's Project AsiaForward initiative.

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