Startup Report 2022: Toward More Sustainable Startup Ecosystems in Indonesia

This report summarizes the dynamics of the startup ecosystem in Indonesia throughout 2022. It reviews several data and trends regarding the industrial landscape, funding, M&A, and emerging businesses that deserve attention from stakeholders.

This year's Startup Report topic is "Towards More Sustainable Startup Ecosystems in Indonesia." The researchers highlighted how the founders worked to create sustainable business models to produce more profitable economic units amidst unfavorable micro and macroeconomic situations.

There are some exciting findings summarized in this report. In 2022, the Indonesian startup ecosystem recorded 260 funding transactions valued at $4.2 billion (out of 166 disclosed funding). In terms of transactions, the amount increased, even though the accumulated value of the funding was also compared to the previous year.

Another interesting thing is related to the M&A strategy that many startups have chosen to expand their products and services. In 2022 there were 34 M&A actions recorded involving acquisitions and mergers.

Apart from these two highlights, the report has many other fascinating insights, including a review of the trend of artificial intelligence services, which is starting to be massive, biotech's development, which continues to receive attention, to the next stage of fintech innovation through embedded finance. For details, download the Startup Report 2022 via the button below.

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