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7 Things to Avoid in WhatsApp Marketing

Mistakes that can have a negative impact on the brand persona

Although WhatsApp can be a tool marketing which is effective, but its inappropriate use can be potentially detrimental. One of the disadvantages is the risk of occurrence spam which can disrupt the user experience and reduce the image of the business.

In addition, if not regulated properly, the use of WhatsApp for marketing can lead to violations of customer data privacy which can damage business trust and reputation. Therefore, business people who want to implement WhatsApp marketing As a marketing strategy, the business must pay attention dos and don'ts-first.

It is important to pay attention to the “don'ts” in WhatsApp marketing more than “dos”, because mistakes in WhatsApp marketing can have a more serious and detrimental impact on a business than its success.

What are the things that should be avoided when implementing WhatsApp? marketing?

Check out the explanation below.

spamming endlessly it is haram on WhatsApp marketing

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in WhatsApp marketing is sending messages excessively or spam. Sending non-stop promotional messages can annoy customers and even cause them to block your business.

Additionally, overdoing your messaging can also damage your brand image and reduce customer trust.

Don't ignore your audience's privacy

When using WhatsApp for marketing, it is important to respect the privacy of potential customers or prospects. Collecting customer data without permission or using their personal information without consent can violate data privacy regulations and harm your business reputation. Make sure to always comply with applicable privacy regulations and obtain permission before sending promotional messages to customers.

Not understanding the target audience

Another mistake that is often made in WhatsApp marketing is not understanding your target audience well. Sending messages that are irrelevant or don't match your customers' interests and needs can make them lose interest and ignore your messages. Before sending a message, take the time to understand who your target audience is and what they want from your business.

Doesn't personalize the message

Lack of personalization in WhatsApp messages can reduce the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Customers tend to be more responsive to messages that are personalized and tailored to their needs. Use features like the customer's name, previous transaction information, or their preferences to make your messages more personal and relevant.

Know when promotions should take a break

Avoid constantly trying to sell a product or service in every message you send. Consumers tend to feel annoyed if they are constantly bombarded with commercial offers. Before sending a message to your contact, carefully consider the content of the message.

Even though your goal may be to sell via WhatsApp, it is important for your audience to feel that you are trying to add value and help them with solutions that are practical in their daily lives. Therefore, be careful and only send messages that are truly interesting and useful to your customers.

Don't ignore feedback from the audience

Always pay attention to feedback or feedback from individuals you interact with via WhatsApp. Be sure to check to see if any complaints or suggestions have been submitted, and always remember to respond to any questions that may arise.

WhatsApp is a direct communication channel between you and your audience, so it is important to always be responsive and ready to interact not only in a sales context, but also to talk to your audience.

It's also important to pay attention to individuals who request that you no longer message them, and remove them from your contacts or broadcast lists. Emphasizing messaging to people who are not interested in these communications can be detrimental to your reputation and relationship with your audience.

Not utilizing a platform that is committed to helping businesses manage WhatsApp marketing

Another thing that needs to be avoided when implementing WhatsApp marketing is not utilizing platforms that are committed to helping businesses manage WhatsApp marketing strategies, one of which is Komchat. Komchat is a technology service from Komerce, a company that focuses on helping businesses and MSMEs to adopt digital solutions comprehensively. Platforms like Komchat are designed as a solution to send messages to a number of WhatsApp numbers en masse with just one click.

Komchat offers various features and services specifically designed to make it easier for businesses to market via WhatsApp efficiently and effectively. With features such as automatic replies, WhatsApp number generation based on area code, and automatic filters to separate active and inactive WhatsApp numbers, Komchat can help businesses optimize interactions with customers. Additionally, Komchat can also improve commitments and produce better results in WhatsApp marketing which can increase business potential.

By avoiding common mistakes in WhatsApp marketing, you can increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, strengthen relationships with customers, and achieve your business goals more efficiently.

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