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Get to know the Ginee Omnichannel Platform and its Benefits for Business

Ginee is an omnichannel platform that helps businesses manage their business.

What is Ginee and its benefits? If you are a business actor who wants to boost sales and want to manage all your online stores in various locations marketplace without being overwhelmed, try reading this article!  

Interested? Come on, get to know more about Ginee! Let's start.

What is Ginee?

Ginee is a platform omnichannel who use the system all-in-one for E-commerce and can assist businesses in managing their online store. Ginee has various features that can increase your business sales more easily.

For example, you can manage stock, products, orders, and communicate with customers from each marketplace or E-commerce that you got through one platform Ginee.

Besides Indonesia, Ginee also helps online businesses in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and China, you know.

Marketplace and E-Commerce in Collaboration with Ginee

Credit Photo by Ginee on Website

Ginee teamed up with 8 marketplace and 3 E-commerce, you know. So, you can have an online shop at marketplace or E-commerce who have registered, and manage your entire online store using Ginee.

Here are 8 marketplace who worked with Ginee:

  • shopee,
  • Tokopedia,
  • Lazada,
  • Bukalapak,
  • Blibli,
  • JD.ID,
  • TikTok Shop,
  • Tiki. VN.

After that, here are 3 lists E-commerce which you can integrate into Ginee : 

  • WooCommerce,
  • Zalora,
  • Shopify.

Benefits of Ginee for Your Business

Add Online Store and Manage Your Entire Store in One Platform

Credit Photo by Ginee on Website

With Ginee you can set up an online shop in a wide variety marketplace or E-commerce. You also don't have to worry about the hassle of managing your entire store.

Because, you only need to copy all products from one store to another in one click. You can also add new products quickly and they can be synced across your stores.  

Easier Stock and Order Management 

In one platform, you can update stock, reduce to add stock. You can also manage tons of orders because you have many online stores.

Ginee can update orders automatically and manage the ordering process such as order cancellations to the delivery process to customers.

Has Many Tools to Improve Business

Credit Photo by Ginee on Website

Ginee has various ERP features that can manage your shops. One of them was mentioned earlier, namely the Order Management feature to manage all customer orders.

Well, one of the features in Ginee that can increase your business sales is Ginee Ads. You can place ads on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and TikTok Ads, you know.

Sophisticated and Complete Digital Management System!

Other benefits of platform This is because Ginee is equipped with sophisticated technology. Blessing membership and user database, your account is guaranteed to be safe.

Ginee also has a feature that can keep you up to date on business developments. You can view financial reports and business analysis to help you make decisions.  

Ginee Integrated Various Marketplaces

Lastly, you can set up multiple shops across a wide variety marketplace and E-commerce via Ginee. You can synchronize your store with marketplace and E-commerce easily.

Of course, using Ginee will save you time and money in managing your entire online store. 

Well, now you know what Ginee is and its benefits. You also know that platform it is useful for your business. However, maybe you want to compare omnichannel platforms more like sleepflow. I hope this helps! 

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