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Visit Indonesia, See Sam Altman's Presentation on Artificial Intelligence

The OpenAI founder opens up the potential for collaboration, including Indonesia, to develop AI with specific language and dialect understanding

To broaden people's understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) in Indonesia, KORIKA together with GDP Venture invited OpenAI Co-Founder and CEO Sam Altman, developer of the revolutionary ChatGPT application in Jakarta, Wednesday (14/6).

In a session titled "Conversation with Sam Altman" with for professionals, practitioners, and media for a full hour, he presented the plan OpenAI to develop ChatGPT which brings information to research for all users.

Inspiration from Y Combinator

Founded in 2015, OpenAI is a non-profit organization specializing in AI research and development. OpenAI's mission is to ensure the benefits of AGI (general artificial intelligence) for humanity. Its technologies include the GPT-4 and ChatGPT natural language systems, the DALL·E image generation system, and their open source speech recognition system, Whisper.

In practice, ChatGPT has a variety of uses, which can be used to solve complex problems, provide information upon questions and requests, inspire new ideas in the creative field, and help understand complex concepts by explaining them in simpler words, providing definitions, or providing clear examples. useful.

Altman revealed that the experience he had so far as President as well as an investor at Y Combinator had helped him build OpenAI and develop ChatGPT technology. The dynamic startup performance in Silicon Valley allows innovation to grow despite the risk of failure. According to him, failure can give birth to new ideas and innovations that will be successful.

"What I learned from Y Combinator is that it doesn't matter if it fails. It should be noted, later it is not only access to capital and jobs that are important, but that the products launched can be well received by those closest to them, such as friends and family," said Altman.

Altman's involvement with Y Cominator began in 2011 when Loopt, the startup he founded, was acquired by Green Dot Corporation. He then becomes angel investors and advisor to startups before being appointed President of Y Combinator in 2014.

Under Altman's leadership, Y Combinator expanded its scope and influence within the startup ecosystem, providing funding, mentorship, and resources to many successful companies, including Airbnb, Dropbox, and Reddit. Altman stepped down as president in 2019, but remains chairman of Y Combinator.

In July 2019, OpenAI announced a partnership with Microsoft in which Microsoft becomes the provider cloud OpenAI. This partnership provides OpenAI with the computing resources it needs to research and develop AGI technologies. Microsoft is also investing $1 billion in OpenAI to support its research and development.

"This is technology that has impact. For this reason, the more people participate in accessing this technology, the better this technology will work. Fundamentally OpenAI is a research company, and I think countries that embrace this technology and quickly provide a great future together," said Altman.

Understanding the risk of AGI

Although OpenAI was originally founded as a non-profit organization, in 2019, they turned into a for-profit entity called OpenAI LP. These changes were made to obtain the necessary resources and funding to achieve the goals in AGI's research and development.

"We want to do this as a not-for-profit company. We don't want to sacrifice our mission, like access and decision-making. So, we created a new structure where we will stand as a not-for-profit organization, but there are subsidiary capital profits. So, we can leverage capital, provide investors and employees fixed returns, but more than that excess returns will be given to non-profits," Altman said.

OpenAI also emphasizes the importance of long-term safety in AGI development and the need to promote widespread distribution of its benefits. The company has published research, contributed to the artificial intelligence community, and actively collaborated with other organizations to advance this field in responsible and rewarding ways.

"It's related to the risk of AGI, in my opinion long term and short term risk be important. Our mission as a company is AGI-focused. Currently, there are many companies that are thinking about it short term risk, but it's important to look at those risks from different stages," Altman said.

Understanding these risks requires proactive research, policy development, and collaboration between a wide range of stakeholders, including artificial intelligence (AI) developers, policy makers, ethicists, and society at large. Organizations such as OpenAI and others are actively involved in understanding and mitigating these risks to ensure safe and rewarding AGI development.

"I think the GPT-4 is the most compatible model we've made and there isn't one existential risk. We spent about eight months doing training, until we finally launched it," said Altman.

GPT-4 question accuracy rate / Source: OpenAI

Alluding to the role of OpenAI for education, Altman said, when it was first launched, many teachers in the United States banned the use of ChatGPT for their students. However, now many teachers in schools have welcomed this technology to help students absorb information.

With regard to bias in AI language models such as ChatGPT, it is important to recognize that such models can unintentionally reflect existing biases in the data used to train them. OpenAI is actively working to address these issues by improving the training process, minimizing bias, and seeking external input for audits and evaluations.

OpenAI also invites strategic collaborations with various countries including Indonesia, to educate their technology in terms of understanding languages ​​and dialects in particular, so that it can be more easily and relevantly used by all people in various countries.

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