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10 Mandatory Applications for MSME Actors

This application is a must for you MSME owners!

For those of you who have just built a bisnis of course and share the preparation and also the energy to look after MSMEs you to keep going. No need to worry, for those of you who now have the status of owner SMEs, now there are several application who will help your trading process, let's look at this mandatory MSME application!

the slick

This application is an application issued by Bank Indonesia that can assist you in recording transactions related to types of transactions, from simple ones to even large businesses. The advantage of this application is that the recording system has been recognized by other financial and banking institutions so that you don't want to be bothered in managing business financial records.


This one application is a mandatory application for MSME actors to make product designs that look attractive. With this application you can create content marketing which is of course unique, besides that you can also directly use template designs that can be used to create business cards, social media posts and even create your logo.

The advantage of this application is that you can use it for free, but you can also pay to upgrade your package to premium and enjoy paid services.


This digital-based tax application can help you in solving your tax compliance issues. This application can help you import financial transaction data and deal directly with taxation, as well as payables and deposits even in just one application. Don't worry, this application has collaborated with the Director General of Taxes and has been used by hundreds of thousands of taxpayers.


This application can be said to be one of the cashier applications that is widely used by MSME actors, besides helping you in processing transactions, there is also financial management, customers, employees and storage of goods so you don't have to bother managing your business.

There are various smart solutions to simplify your system where Maboo can provide access to your business with electronic payments as well as business information to help your MSMEs grow.

Business Friend

This one application makes it easier for you to understand all the conditions of your company and also at the same time monitor your financial activities, sales, payments and even calculations related to the profits obtained from the operations of your business activities.

The advantage of this application is that you can also use this application at the same time to pay your employees' salaries so you don't have to bother going back to taking care of them one by one.


Social media management apps can also help you create a marketplace online You at the same time schedule the promotional content of your business.

With this app you also analyze social media with tools already available. The advantage of this application is that you can get the results of your social media account analysis in Excel, Powerpoint and PDF formats. 


This application is suitable for those of you who want to record important things, of course, as an MSME owner, notes must also be prepared if you suddenly have a creative idea. This note-taking application can certainly help you record business inspiration that comes without the hassle of saving it. The advantage of this application is that you can save the results of notes in a file Cloud Storage wherever and whenever.


This one application can help you create applications for your own business. With this application you can create applications without coding, then you can also have template applications that customize your business and many interesting features in it. Besides that, the price is cheap starting from Rp. 100.000 -ans you can already create applications for selling your own products.



For those of you who want to facilitate payments from various banks, use the QRIS application which helps payment for QR transactions -- be faster, as well as gated. With this application you can make various transactions anywhere and anytime and unite various kinds of transactions e-wallet itself, from Gopay, OVO, Dana and other things.


Communication is the most important thing in business too, with the Slack application you can communicate with your team according to what is discussed. This application can also focus you on talking about marketing strategies and even brainstorming about budgets and bills. The advantage of this application is that you can access Slack using a computer, tablet and also smartphone You.

Those are the 10 Mandatory MSME Applications that can help develop bisnis You become more optimal. Of course, you don't have to download everything, use it application that provides your needs and feel the benefits. Good luck!

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