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The Focus of the SyariHub Platform Presents Online Recitation Learning Methods

SyariHub already has 100 teachers consisting of ustadz/ustazah

The edtech platform SyariHub from Surabaya offers private online recitation courses. Established since mid-2020, SyariHub claims to have experienced positive business growth.

To DailySocial.id, SyariHub COO Reza Zamir talked about services, teaching methods, and business development this year which he built with his wife and CEO of SyariHub, Evilita Adriani.

Curriculum and teaching methods

The teaching system presented by ShariHub is to have the option to determine your own online recitation course. Utilizing the curriculum that is owned and updated every 3 months, students are free to choose the method of learning the Koran they want.

"Most of the students who come to SyariHub don't know which method to learn the Koran with. We provide the methods that each teacher already has. However, there are several methods that arerequest by users, not many," said Reza.

Since the beginning, SyariHub claimed to have students who were immediately willing to pay for courses at SyariHub by implementing a subscription system. Thus companies can run their business, utilizing existing income.

One of the reasons why many students are willing to pay right away is that the prices offered are very affordable, starting from IDR 250 per month. SyariHub noted that 55% of their users are adults and the rest are children. The locations are also spread out, not only in Indonesia, but also abroad.

Meanwhile, for teachers consisting of ustadz/ustazah, currently there are around 100 people. The recruitment process that they apply is through a job portal to direct recommendations referral from existing teachers. SyariHub charges teachers a commission from every class or course they give to students.

"What differentiates SyariHub from others is our focus on the process of learning to recite the Koran. The focus is on learning to read the Al-Quran privately, we provide teachers to study online using flexible time," he said.

Previously, Reza and his wife had built a sharia business called Ojesy (stands for Ojek Syar'i). However, the company had to close in 2019. In 2020, the two of them started building SyariHub.

Digital platforms and LMS systems

Through digital platforms, learning to recite becomes more accessible and flexible for many people. Through platforms such as Zoom, teachers and students can immediately carry out the teaching and learning process.

The Zoom platform for the Koran learning process / SyariHub

This concept is also implemented by SyariHub where most of their students use laptops to tablets. To provide more options, SyariHub also plans to launch an application.

SyariHub also builds its own system Learning Management System (LMS) to help teachers manage the teaching given to their students. This LMS also functions as a SyariHub admin system with teachers.

Learning from previous work experience, Reza also assesses that the LMS system has the opportunity as a new source of income by offering it to educational institutions to other related parties. For now, the developed LMS is only used for internal purposes.

"We have our own LMS system that we built, but it is only used for teachers and SyariHub admins. But for us, LMS is not built for users, but for teachers and students and our internal administration system," said Reza.

Achieve profitability

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SyariHub is still running business on an ongoing basis boost trapping and have no plans to do a fundraiser yet. However, SyariHub opens opportunities for early-stage fundraising if offers from investors are suitable.

Since its inception, SyariHub claims to have achieved profitability and is running a business from the revenue it generates. This year, SyariHub targets to increase the number of users by up to 80% and increase the number of teachers.

The company says it has worked with certified teachers. With an effective and efficient teaching approach, these teachers are ready to guide professionals and their children in learning the Koran.

"ShariHub's target is to increase existing customers to learn the Koran online privately so that more and more people in Indonesia and abroad can read the Al-Quran properly and correctly. We want to increase our overseas customers, who still account for 10% of the total active customers," Reza concluded.

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