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SEVIMA Presents a SaaS Platform for Digitizing Higher Education

Help digitize the academic system and campus administrative activities at an affordable cost

In recent years, the world of education in Indonesia has undergone an extraordinary transformation thanks to technology. When offline learning activities turn to digital, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform appears as a solution for the education sector.

One of the SaaS platforms that presents an integrated solution is SEVIMA. Established in 2003 and based in Surabaya, SEVIMA said that it has experienced positive growth from client projects it has undertaken, especially during the pandemic.

To DailySocial.id, SEVIMA CMO Andry Huzain, revealed the features and services offered, profitability claims achieved in 2019, and further business plans.

SaaS platform for colleges

Claiming success in working on projects of a number of clients, SEVIMA sees an opportunity in providing SaaS solutions for universities which are now developing into a SaaS-based Academic System or "SEVIMA Platform". This solution is said to be able to revolutionize campus digitization at an affordable cost and overcome various campus administration problems.

These problems include the process of admitting students, paying for tuition, online learning, accreditation, issuing diplomas, to reporting campus data to the government, which previously had to be input one by one in the system until it was printed.

With the SEVIMA Platform, all of these activities can be processed automatically and integrated with each other. Currently, SEVIMA mentions that most of its clients are Private Higher Education (PTS) from the middle to high end segment. In addition, technology acceleration due to the pandemic is considered to have affected SEVIMA's business growth. Take advantage of features such as EdLink, students can access the SEVIMA platform during a pandemic.

"The pandemic has become an agent of transformation for everyone and accelerated everything. We have an LMS called EdLink which we introduced further during the pandemic to students," said Andry.

Achieve profitability

Different from platform edctea In general, which are still receiving funding, SEVIMA has achieved profitability and implemented marketing campaign activities regularly grass roots, word of mouth, and community base.

SEVIMA is tech company and never burn money, marketing costs It can be said that zero,said Andry.

Although currently there are several local platforms offering similar services, Andry assesses that these conditions actually validate SEVIMA's business. It has been recorded that up to now there are around 800 campuses and 3 million students throughout Indonesia who have used the SEVIMA platform.

SEVIMA claims to be superior to similar platforms because it presents a complete and in-depth product range from upstream to downstream, starting from prospective students using the portal (Go to College) to find the right ideal campus to become a student to graduate to alumni.

According to Andry, the presence of SEVIMA is able to democratize digitalization and integration business process campus management. It doesn't have to be via a laptop, access can be done with a cellphone. Previously, digitization and ease of access to administration were seen as just being Privilege that big campuses enjoy because they are financially secure and able to create their own applications.

"So we focus on one thing, namely to be operating system from universities by presenting many relevant services," said Andry.

Subscription and payment aggregator

Source: SEVIMA

SEVIMA offers a subscription model, enabling educational institutions to access various features and services tailored to their needs. In addition to the eight subscription options, SEVIMA also provides a free SEVIMA GoFeeder Community package that can be used by universities with limited internet access and do not have a large number of students.

SEVIMA also has a SevimaPay service which functions to facilitate campuses and banks to accept payments for student tuition fees online through various methods, including ATMs and mobile banking. SevimaPay seeks to simplify and align the payment process so that it is easier, faster and transparent. Meanwhile, SevimaPay contributes greatly to the company's total GMV.

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"Part of our ecosystem, SevimaPay is payment aggregator in 800 campuses to be able to pay tuition fees through minimarkets. It seems simple, but means a lot to students who previously had to pay manually on campus and didn't have access to banking," said Andry.


This year, the company plans to bring relevant innovations to feature development, market expansion and recruiting, and explore AI development. SEVIMA claims to grow sustainably by 50% (YoY), with target addressable market which is still wide open.

When asked about fundraising, Andry emphasized that if there are investors who offer opportunities to support SEVIMA's regional expansion, this will be a good opportunity for the company and strategic cooperation.

"In Indonesia there are 4.500 campuses and only around 800 campuses are using SEVIMA. Our commitment is very strong to expand campus democratization, including opportunities for overseas expansion in the next three years." Close Andry.

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