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Qris Is: Definition, Benefits, and Methods of Transactions

Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard, or the abbreviation QRIS.

Did you know that QRIS, the current digital payment technology, had 3,64 million users in 2020. If you have never heard of or used QRIS, now is the time to learn more about it so you can take advantage of the practical transaction innovations that Bank Indonesia offers This.

Do you know what QRIS is? See a full explanation in the next DaikySocial.id article!

What is Qris?

Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS) is an abbreviation of this term. In short, QRIS is a payment system that combines various QR codes from various Payment System Service Providers (PJSP) which also use QR codes.

Bank Indonesia collaborated with the Indonesian Payment Systems Association (ASPI) to develop QRIS, which has been officially available since August 2019. Since then, QRIS has become a national standard that must be owned by all PJSPs (both bank and non-bank) that offer QR code as a payment option.

This is very useful, especially for those who frequently use electronic money services such as OVO, Dana, GoPay, and others.

Benefits of Qris

The benefits of QRIS for payment application users are as follows:

  • Because you only need to scan the QR, payments can be made quickly and easily.
  • Now there is no need to carry cash.
  • No need to consider who has the QR attached.
  • Because all PJSP operators of QRIS are definitely authorized and supervised by BI, transactions will be safe.

Benefits of QRIS for individual or group sellers:

  • Potential to increase sales and enhance branding
  • More modern and efficient payments because it only uses one QRIS.
  • Reduce costs associated with cash management.
  • Can avoid paying fake money.
  • No need to give change.
  • All transactions will be recorded automatically and can be accessed at any time.
  • Separation of funds between businesses and individuals
  • Allows for reconciliation and possibly prevents fraudulent accounting of cash transactions.
  • To get credit in the future, you can build a credit profile information.

How to Transact Using Qris

  • If you haven't used QRIS before, follow the following procedure correctly!
  • You have to make sure that you have a sufficient amount of money first. For example, you don't want to use your mobile banking balance to make transactions at a coffee shop.
  • Apart from that, make sure that the coffee shop uses QRIS.
  • After getting a bill showing the amount to be paid, you only need to open the mobile banking application on your smartphone and select the "Pay using QR" option.
  • Take a QR code from a coffee shop and scan the code with your smartphone.
  • Check the identity of the code owner in the mobile banking application, if you have one.
  • If appropriate, you only need to enter the amount to be paid on the bill and complete the transaction.
  • After that, your balance will be deducted according to the amount given and entered into the coffee shop account.

That's all the QRIS information you need to know. Have you got a better understanding of this payment method? Good luck!

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