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PERSIB Introduces the Digital Platform "Planet Persib" to Build Interaction with Fans

Create a membership program with a variety of exclusive access

Bandung football club PERSIB announced the inauguration of the platform Planet Persib in order to increase two-way interaction between supporters (called Bobotoh) and teams and clubs. This application also provides a paid membership called Passport Planet Persib which offers a variety of exclusive access.

At its inauguration in Bandung yesterday (1/2), PERSIB Chief Commercial Officer Sandy Tantra said that Planet Persib is a form of management's commitment and seriousness in facilitating the wishes and longings of the fans who have been supporting the club.

It is claimed that there are more than 14 million Bobotoh spread throughout the world. However, only a few tens of thousands can be present on the field, only a few thousand can be actively involved in the field, and only a few tens can meet Persib players.

"Meanwhile, Bobotoh's desire to interact more deeply and closely with the team and community is very great. "That's why we partnered with Planet Persib and created a platform that can unite all Bobotoh to interact," explained Sandy.

This digital initiative is not the first time PERSIB management has carried out this to accommodate fans. Previously released the Persib application in 2017 with features: match notifications, official member registration, official PERSIB TV videos, BobotohFM radio, ordering official match tickets, and selling official merchandise.

Meanwhile, Planet Persib has richer and more interactive features. If you have a Passport, members will get benefits, including:

  • Opportunity for exclusive participation in PERSIB share ownership in the future;
  • Exclusive jersey with signatures of PERSIB players;
  • Direct delivery of aspirations;
  • PERSIB home match tickets;
  • Priority ticket purchase hot matches;
  • Special purchase discount merchandise at the official PERSIB store;
  • Accumulation rewards points;
  • Exclusive opportunity to take part in PERSIB private events, and others.

In addition, this application connects and unites the reality of interaction with fellow Bobotoh, players and teams, through the Game feature. In the online virtual games this allows the Bobotoh to send chat in the form of text and also sound (voice chat).

Then, build friendships with fellow Bobotoh through games and challenges, virtual watch parties (nobar) with other fans all over the world, and even greet PERSIB players directly.

"So far, communication has only been one way via social media, applications too no there are features that allow deeper interaction. "Because there are more and more Bobotoh and their locations are spread out, access to interaction is increasingly limited."

The application will launch soon

For the record, Planet Persib (PT Persib Saalam Dunya) was built as a separate entity from Persib (PT Persib Bandung Bermartabat). Planet Persib is led by Calvin Kizana (Deputy CEO). Calvin is an important figure in the Indonesian digital ecosystem.

Previously, he served as Head of WhatsApp Indonesia in November 2022. He also pioneered two startups, namely Playday (platform live streaming) and PicMix (social media platform). He also served as COO of GoPlay (now Live Everywhere), platform live streaming under GoTo.

Unfortunately, both Sandy and Calvin do not want to explain the membership fees for Passport Planet Persib. In the initial stage, member registration was opened on a limited basis to Bobotoh who received a direct invitation or entered the waiting list by entering their email address. However, later membership will be opened publicly.

Calvin admitted that before this product was launched, his party conducted various internal research with various parties at PERSIB for some time, including Bobotoh's friends. It turned out that it was concluded that these Bobotohs already had a digital mindset, so they were ready to be taken further in the digital world.

He even set ambitious targets through Planet Persib. He said, “Planet Persib is finished pilot project us because this is the biggest club [number of fans] and the most commits, it will happen later Manufacturing. Can be-Apply for any sports industry, basketball, badminton, because the basis of this is the platform fan engagement, how fans can be more involved.”

Sandy added, “Hopefully we can share best practices Planet Persib to football clubs in Indonesia so that we can both advance this industry."

Currently the Planet Persib team numbers 30 people. The Planet Persib application will soon be available on the Play Store and App Store.

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