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The 3 Most Common Mental Conditions in the Workplace and How to Overcome Them

Check out three types of mental states that employees often experience


When working, physical health is not the only aspect that we have to take care of. Mental health must also be protected, because it has a big influence on our ability to concentrate and do work optimally.

Maintaining mental health in the work environment is very important to do, because a healthy mind will definitely help us create a positive work environment, build healthier relationships with co-workers, and of course can create satisfying work results.

However, there are several incidents where employees are unable to maintain mental health conditions at the place where they work. The reasons can be many, such as load increasing jobs, work environment that does not support individual development, personal problems, and many more. Some of these conditions can pose a risk to their work productivity. Summarizing various sources, there are three types of mental health conditions that employees most often experience at work. Here are some of them.


Burnout is an emotional condition caused by prolonged stress due to a mountainous workload. Usually, burnout take place when the employee has load and deadline large amounts of work, or even doing work which he shouldn't be responsible for in the middle load which is getting more and more.

If left untreated, burnout can affect physical health and exacerbate emotional conditions, so that people who experience it burnout may not be enthusiastic about working because productivity and enthusiasm have dropped dramatically.


Anxiety or anxiety is the emotional response experienced due to stress that takes place at work. Usually, this feeling occurs when something bad has happened or it can become a fear that the same incident can happen again.

In the workplace, anxiety is one of the most common conditions experienced by many employees. Usually, this feeling occurs as a result of work-related stress, thoughts insecurity where they fear they could lose the job, pressure from superiors, action bullying as well as absence work-life balance.


Demotivation or we often hear the term "demo" is an emotional feeling where there is an increasing lack of motivation and enthusiasm at work. This occurrence can occur when employees experience burnout prolonged, or also followed by some other causes.

Usually, demo occurs when an employee lacks the purpose of his work, or can also experience ongoing boredom, lack of appreciation from superiors, there is an ongoing internal conflict within the company, or there is also no control from the superior over the employee's work.

How to Maintain Mental Health in the Work Environment?

There are many ways to treat and treat such mental health conditions burnout, anxiety, or demotivated when we are at work.

Do positive activities such as exercising, socializing with close friends, or also doing the hobbies we enjoy the most. But if that's not enough, you can also tell a story in a counseling session with a psychologist through Riliv, a mental health platform in Indonesia.

Not only meditation, you can also do other self-care activities such as meditation, exercise, rest and reading to achieve state of mindfulness the maximum.

This is a complete explanation of the types of mental health conditions that can have a negative impact on work. Hopefully this is useful and can provide enlightenment for the answers to the #NgabubureaDS quiz on Wednesday, April 05, 2023 on the DailySocial.id Instagram account in this post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CqpljxyKbhO/


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