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Complete Guide to Selling at Blibli, Starting from Registration to Payment

Terms, criteria, and how to sell on Blibli for MSME players easily and for free.

Apart from online stores and social media, you as a micro, medium, to large business owner can earn more by selling on Blibli. Blibli is one of the top e-commerce in Indonesia that focuses on sales B2C, B2B, and B2B2C.

With so many users, Blibli can be the right platform to increase your sales. But, before starting to sell, make sure you meet the requirements, criteria, and know how to register as a Blibli seller, which is discussed below.

Criteria and Terms of Document Be Seller Blibli

To be able to register as seller

Blibli, you must meet several criteria that have been determined by Blibli. Launching from the Blibli Seller Center, here are the criteria to become: seller

  • Selling original products
  • Have a clear business background
  • There is sufficient product stock
  • Have certificates and business documents
  • Widely recognized by customers
  • Have a good reputation on social media and platform
  • Provide clear information about the products owned
  • Have the resources to carry out operations

In addition to the criteria above, make sure you also have the documents that are required for registration. Blibli defines different document requirements for each type seller

with details as follows.

Company Document Requirements: 

  • ID card
  • NPWP
  • company information
  • Account number
  • MSME Certificate
  • Business permit
  • Government documents

Owner Requirements Brand
or MSMEs:

  • ID card
  • NPWP (not mandatory)
  • company information
  • Account number
  • MSME Certificate

Requirements Seller

  • ID card
  • NPWP (not mandatory)
  • company information
  • Account number

Complete Ways to Sell on Blibli

If you meet the criteria seller Blibli above and already have the necessary documents, then you can start your journey to sell on Blibli. The following are the steps for selling on Blibli.

Account List Seller Blibli

Before you start selling on Blibli, you must of course have an account seller

first. You can register via website
or the Blibli Seller Center application. Here's how:

  • install
    and open the app
    Blibli Seller Center
    or access seller.blibli.com/register.
  • Then, enter contact information, such as name, Email, active mobile number, and Password.
  • Click Sign up now.
  • Verify by entering the OTP code sent to your mobile number.
  • Done. Account seller
    Blibli was created successfully.
  • Next, you will enter dashboards
  • You will be given a tutorial on how to use dashboards
    Complete Blibli to facilitate the process of selling on Blibli.

Complete Store Information

Successfully created an account seller? Next, complete the store information such as the store address for the location pick-up point, store operating hours, and delivery services. Blibli provides many shipping options that you can activate, including delivery instant

and same day
which you can activate also when completing store information.

Your product

After registering and completing the shop information, the next step is the most important step, which is upload

your product to be seen by Blibli users. You can upload as many products as you want to reach a large number of users and make your store look attractive.

But, before that, read the terms upload

the following products from Blibli:

  • Not selling prohibited products (used goods/manufacturing defects/sharp weapons).
  • Product photos according to Blibli standards.
  • Upload a maximum of four product photos for each variant.
  • Use white background without watermark
    for the main product photo.
  • Prepare product descriptions and details.

If you have understood and prepared these provisions, you can enter the stage upload

products that can be done in three ways, namely upload unit, upload bulk, and using Master Data..

Upload Unit Product

To add single product

or unit product, you can follow these steps:

  • Entered into seller center Blibli.
  • On the menu Product, click Add Single Product.
  • Fill in all available fields.
  • Click button Send.

Products with Master Data

You can try uploading products with Master Data if the product you want to upload is already available on Blibli. So, you can simply upload the price and stock of the product.

Bulk Products (Bulk)


bulk products can be a good choice if you want to upload many products at one time. To bulk upload products, here's how:

  • Entered into seller center Blibli.
  • On the menu Product, click Add Bulk Products.
  • Fill in the product information that you will upload on template
    Excel which you can download on the menu.

After uploading the product using one of the methods above, the Blibli team will-review

your product within at least 3 days before it finally goes live.

Complete Legal Documents and Payment

Uploading these documents can help verify your store and make it easier for the Blibli team to make payments. When all the required documents are ready, you can upload them via seller center


Post Promo

Sebagai seller, you can create various promos to increase your sales on Blibli. Promos that you can make include discount promos, wholesale promos, and promos voucher.

Discount Promo

Discount is a type of promo where you give discounts on certain products and within a certain period. Here's how to set up a discount promo:

  • Then, click Create Promo.
  • Enter the promo name, promo period, and promo quota.
  • Then, click Add Manually
    to select promotional products. You can select one or more products.
  • Click Add Product.
  • Then, enter the discount percentage.
  • After that, click Create Promo.

Wholesale Promotion

Wholesale promo is a promo feature provided by Blibli to make it possible seller

to provide discounts for wholesale purchases. Here's how to activate the wholesale promo:

  • Enter menu seller center
  • Open menu Promo > Promo seller.
  • Then, click Add Promo
    and select the promo type
  • Click Add Product to choose products that will be given wholesale promos.
  • After that, enter the name of the promo, the promo period, the minimum purchase of the product, and the discount percentage. Then, click Add Discount.
  • You can add a minimum spend discount of up to six times another amount.
  • If you have, click Create Promo Items and click Create Promo.

Promo Voucher

In addition to wholesale promos and discounts, you can also make seller vouchers

which can later be used by customers in accordance with the conditions that you make. Here are the steps to make seller vouchers.

  • Entered into seller center
  • Open menu Promotion > Seller Vouchers.
  • Then, click make Voucher.
  • Enter name voucher, period voucher, type voucher, percentage voucher, maximum discount nominal, minimum shopping, and product quota.
  • Then, determine whether voucher
    can be used for all active products or only certain products.
  • Click Add Manually
    if only for certain products.
  • If everything is filled in, click make Voucher.

Payment system Seller in Blibli

Every E-commerce

have different payment terms. At Blibli itself, the system applied is the commission system. Blibli will cut product sales hasil seller
at the percentages listed in the image below for commissions.

Source: seller.blibli.com

Then, for seller

with a BCA account number, payment of sales proceeds will be deducted by commission according to the schedule in the image below:

Source: seller.blibli.com

For seller

with an account number other than BCA, payment will be made once a week every three working days after Sunday. However, you can still apply for daily payments via Seller Care

That's information about how to sell on Blibli for you micro, medium, and other business owners. Earn more by becoming seller Blibli for free.

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