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Effective Steps to Overcome Shadow Ban on TikTok Live

Practical Guide to Overcoming Shadow Ban on TikTok Live

TikTok has become a very popular platform for sharing short video content and interacting with followers. However, for TikTok users, especially sellers in the TikTok Shop, it is not uncommon for them to experience problems with a drastic decrease in viewers during TikTok Live sessions.


This article will discuss what s ishadow tire on TikTok, why this could negatively impact sales on the TikTok Shop, and how to resolve this issue.

What is Shadow Ban on TikTok?

Quoted from the page Neil Patel, shadow banning occurs when our posts cannot be seen by other users. However, in many instances, we can still view our own content and not know that other users cannot see our posts.

shadow ban on TikTok occurs when a user's account is accidentally or intentionally blocked or restricted by the platform. As a result, content uploaded by users will not appear on the For You Page (FYP), leading to a significant decrease in the number of likes, views, and comments.

Impact on TikTok Store Sales

Credit picture by YouTube channel Adang hdyt

For sellers in TikTok Shop, a decrease in the number of viewers when doing TikTok Live can be a direct impact shadowban. When your content doesn't appear in FYP, you lose visibility that's important for attracting potential buyers. This can result in a drop in the number of viewers in Live sessions, which in turn can reduce the chances of selling your product or service.

Factors that cause TikTok Live to be Shadow Banned

We often do some of the factors below, but without realizing that this can cause this to happen shadowban.

Live Sessions Pause Too Often

One of the main contributing factors is too frequent breaks between Live sessions. It's best to choose the right time and determine a consistent duration, such as a Live schedule once a day with a duration of 2 hours.

Live Duration Too Short

Live duration that is too short can also trigger it shadowban. Try to keep the Live duration appropriate to the content to make it more interesting.

Exposed to Code Violations

One of the most common reasons for exposure shadowban is a violation of TikTok guidelines. This may include content that is violent, hateful, or copyright infringement. Make sure your content always complies with TikTok guidelines to avoid this problem.

How to Overcome Shadow Ban on TikTok Live

Reporting from YouTube Channel Adang DHYT, you can try the following steps to overcome the problem shadowban on TikTok Live

  • Create a new TikTok account. Give your main or official account a break for a few weeks first before creating a new account. Make sure your new account is more compliant with TikTok guidelines.
  • Associate the account with a marketing account.

Credit picture by YouTube channel Adang hdyt

  • Make sure to tag your products to TikTok accounts that are shadow banned.
  • Show consistency by conducting regular Live sessions for at least one week after creating a new account.
  • When going Live, choose the right time that suits your followers' active hours. Try to have Live sessions that are over 1 hour long and avoid taking too many breaks.
  • Make sure to tag your store's official account in every Live you do.

Shadow Ban on TikTok can have a negative impact on sales on the TikTok Store, especially in terms of TikTok Live viewers. To protect your account from Shadow Ban, follow TikTok's usage guidelines and avoid spam activity.

If your account has been hit by a Shadow Ban, remedial action can help resolve the issue and restore the visibility of your content on the platform.


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