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How to Hide Android Applications, Easy and Fast

You can hide applications on Android devices in the following way!

Many people prefer to disable or uninstall apps when they want to hide one of application which he has.Even though hiding the application is very easy to do.

Hiding applications can be done with the default features of the cellphone. Not only that, you can download supporting applications such as applications Hide App, Private Me and so forth to hide the application. The following explains howhide applications with the default features of mobile phones and supporting applications.

MHide Applications with Phone Built-In Features

There are several phone brands that support the hide app feature. Here's how you can hide the app using the phone's built-in features.

How to hide apps for Samsung users

1. Click a blank page on the screen, kthen, click Home screen settings.

2. Then, select Hide Application. SAfter that, select the application that you want to hide.

3. If so, click Apply

How to hide apps for users Huawei

1. First, open Settings on the phone.

2. Then click the privacy and security menu.

3. If so, select Private Space and follow the instructions to set Private Space on the screen.

How to hide apps for users Xiaomi

1. First, open Settings menu

2. Then click the security menu and click the icon to lock the app

3. After that, you can start selecting the apps you want to hide

4. If so, confirm the application settings.

Hide apps with shaman applicationg

Apart from the method above, you can also use the following additional applications to hide applications. Here's how to hide apps.

1. App hider

More Coverage:

App Hider is an application that can be relied upon to hide other applications. With App Hider the process of hiding apps will be easier. You only need to activate the PIN Protection feature on the Settings menu. You can create a password to provide deeper protection.

2. AppLock

App Lock is an android application to hide the most downloaded applications on Google PlayStore. Not only applications, data and other personal files can also be hidden in this application.

3. Private Me

Private Me can be used as an option when you want to hide an application. Private Me is an android application that is quite friendly to older versions of Android models. Because, this application does not cause root on Android phones

Well, in the following way you can easily hide Android applications. Hopefully the above article is useful, yes!

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