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7 Financial Recording Applications that Help Your Daily Management

One of the decisions you have to make is to manage your finances as best you can

There is a saying that spending is often greater than income. Many of us face this problem, that's why we face financial problems every month.

So, have you ever experienced anything like this? One of the decisions you have to make is to manage your finances as best you can. Some may believe that this is the job of an accountant. But now you don't have to spend money to hire a personal accountant to set a monthly budget.

Just download one of the following financial management apps for your Android device. So this application will help you manage your finances in your daily life.

Money Manager

The Money Manager application has a financial recording feature that can help you manage daily and monthly expenses.

This one application will also provide financial reports consisting of daily, monthly, and even annual reports. You can download financial reports recorded by Money Manager to your Android phone in various formats, one of which is PDF.


With the Spendee application program you can manage your finances every month. Consumers can record your expenses for various purposes. This includes shopping and vacations.

You can also manage your finances with your beloved partner or partner through the Joint Funding feature offered by Spendee. Oh yes, the Spendee application can also be connected to your bank account and e-wallet.

my finances

Finansalku is a good and safe application for managing your finances because this application has a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) certificate. Getting a certificate is not a miracle because this program is very helpful in managing expenses and income.

Here you can set a budget based on your account funds. This is how you can link my Finansalku account to yours.

If you are confused when making a budget or have financial problems, My Financial is ready to provide good advice on how to manage your finances effectively and efficiently.

Stall Book

BukuWarung is a financial application suitable for both personal and business use. This app is designed to provide a simple, free and secure financial management solution. In addition, the BukuWarung application has many reliable features that make it easier to manage and track cash flows.

Call it the Record Debt feature, you can easily record and pay off everyone's debts. All you have to do is click on the name and it will automatically show you the entire history of outstanding debts and arrears.

In addition, everyone whose debt is recorded in this application will automatically receive a reminder via SMS. SMS is sent via BukuWarung number, so it's free and easy!

In addition, with the help of the BukuWarung application, you can easily find out the advantages and disadvantages. So there will be no more stories about salaries that seem to run out quickly due to irregular financial management.

Another advantage of the BukuWarung application is its security, storing data online, so data is not prone to loss even if you change cell phones.


It must be admitted that this application program has a very striking yet simple appearance. Yes, there is a need for simplicity in financial management applications.

The reason, of course, is because you are heavy enough to manage your finances. When you need to look at more complex applications, your financial arrangements get messy.

Monefy has several categories that you can use to manage your budget. A simple and effective user interface is the mainstay of this application. Just enter the amount and then select the appropriate category. This program provides convenient day-to-day financial management.

Money Lover

Do you need an assistant to manage your personal finances? Consider installing Money Lover, a very simple and convenient financial management application.

Some of the features of this application such as Budget, Savings and Transactions are responsible for managing your monthly expenses for various needs, ranging from food, transportation and entertainment.

With Money Lover you can manage almost all types of expenses. So you don't have to bother writing personal financial statements on paper. Because now you can only track your income and expenses with the Money Lover app.


This application can track income and expenses in a simple and detailed view. This app shows you detailed custom budgets, charts showing spending and storage capacity via Dropbox and Google Docs.

This app helps budget for travel and movies, eating out, appliances, home and furniture, and clothing.

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