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"Femtech" and Women's Leaders in the Eyes of Gender Partners

Has implemented gender equality, supports the needs and makes it easier for women to work

The role of women, which was initially "only" as a market and user, has now shifted. More and more women are entering the tech industry and providing a platform that is useful for all. Recorded, since 2014, approx 844 female startup founders have secured funding to expand their business in Southeast Asia. Some of them have even succeeded in providing services that can change the habits and lifestyles of many people.

Although technology has opened up opportunities for women to set up businesses, it is undeniable that there are still many challenges to be faced. Nonetheless, women's perspectives have proven to be invaluable and have helped them succeed in their careers in this industry. This creates opportunities for women in Southeast Asia, including in Indonesia, to develop businesses that were previously only dominated by men.

"Indonesia is currently in a state of startup boom. The growth of startups founded by women is an interesting thing to observe. In principle, technology is a way to open up opportunities for all people to improve their lives, which is good news, of course, when the number of startups founded by women increases. This shows that women are in an equal position to lead businesses that can thrive and in the future," said StickEarn Co-Founder Archie Carlson.

Still in the Kartini day edition, DailySocial trying to explore the opinions and views of male startup founders in Indonesia, as gender partners, about the role and existence of female leaders in the world of technology startups.

Gender equality

The development of technology that can be accessed by anyone and anywhere at this time encourages equal opportunities for women to develop themselves. Openness to information becomes pintu key for women to do what they want to do, including establishing startup.

"In my opinion, the technology sector prioritizes technical and leadership skills can be more 'genderless' than other fieldsn. So that many women, who do have the ability to technical nor leadership, can establish startup and convince investors to expand their business. So technology opens up opportunities for everyone, breaks down boundariess, including gender boundaries," said Bukalapak CEO Rachmat Kaimuddin.

Gender equality is very much felt in the startup and technology world. Most male colleagues and leaders see the potential and capabilities of female employees and leaders who are not inferior to their gender partners. This process helps them to grow and demonstrate the ability to contribute to the company.

"In my opinion, rather than looking at the gender side, it's better if we look at a person's abilities and strengths from the individual side itself. Whether it's a woman or a man, the work given is balanced, it's just that everyone has their own way to achieve the results. that," said Giladiskon CEO Fandy Santoso.

The same thing was expressed by Modalku CEO Reynold Wijaya who claims to have supported all the needs of his employees, both male and female, as long as these needs can be accounted for and are for the common good.

"In general, in terms of ability, both men and women are the same, there are no longer gender differences. In fact, several times the advantages of women in leading are due to the mother's instincts which are very helpful when the team needs more motivation," said Belimobilgue CEO Johnny. Widodo.

The advantages of female talent

One of the keys to success that only female employees have is their ability to do all the work independently multitasking.

"We believe that women have the same potential as men. Women also have technical skills and leadership which is good, especially if you add a woman's instinct to protect and pay attention to details, so that women are usually also more sensitive and understand the condition of team members, said Rachmat.

Women are also considered to have the ability to see everything in detail and have the desire to try new things and are willing to bounce back when they fail. These positive traits turned out to be a strength for women, from setting up a business to developing their business.

"I have worked with many female colleagues who have a strong desire to develop their abilities. Maybe because they are more neutral and have the ability to learn from mistakes. But I also see that many of them do not have the confidence and courage to start a business. . If more women have the ambition to grow their business, there will be a greater chance of success," said Titik Pintar CEO Robbert Deusing.

Sharing experiences and gaining more insight is not only done by male startup founders. Many of these opportunities can also be obtained from women entrepreneurs who have established businesses with various categories.

"With more women setting up businesses, at least it can enrich the startup ecosystem in Indonesia. I like to learn from fellow startup founders. We happen to share an office with Nalagenetics and we always learn from them," said Newman's Co-Founder Anthony Suryaputra.

Going forward, to help more female colleagues and leaders move faster, more sensitive support and better understanding are needed. There are no more basic, bias-based methods that often appear in a system. It is important for all parties involved to give all opportunities fairly.

"We believe it's important to embrace diversity and create an inclusive workplace. Supporting more women into the tech [industry] is part of our journey to promote the values ​​of diversity, inclusion and equity in technology," Archie said.

Company support

There are many ways that startups do to support working women. Starting from special facilities for women to opportunities for housewives who work in companies. This is seen as being able to increase trust and loyalty which will have an impact on work productivity.

"At Modalku, we provide nursing mothers room facilities for working mothers. On International Women's Day last March, Modalku provided facilities for working mothers. manicure for female employees as a form of our respect and support for working women," said Reynold.

This support can also be demonstrated by creating a diverse work environment and implementing gender equality. This is claimed to have been implemented by StickEarn management.

"Given the special role that women play in their personal and domestic lives, we understand there is an additional need that the company can provide. We provide 3 months maternity leave as well as nursing rooms in our new office. We do this to support work, without having to abandon their role as mothers," Archie said.

Application diversity and inclusion Belimobilgue has also done. One example is providing certain facilities and access for female employees, such as: monthly day off and maternity leave.

Opportunity to have a career path, self-development, until the equality of expression of opinion is also implemented in Bukalapak. Even though sometimesthere is still a stigma that men are considered the main breadwinners, the company instills a way of thinking that women also have the same potential.

"Kwe provide a special space for women to be able to sharing with the entire Bukalapak Squad on various occasions. One of them is through the Book Review program special event Kartini, where is one? female lead in Bukalapak tells about the books he reads and shares key takeaways obtained from the book it was to the Bukalapak Squad. As much as possible we always involve female employees in public spaces and events held by Bukalapak, so that they can express themselves more through the perspective of women and other employees can learn from each other.from that perspective, said Rachmat.

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