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Print 3x Growth, Established Continues to Encourage Women's Empowerment in Indonesia

It is targeted that 10 million households will be able to enjoy Mapan's services in 2026

The Mapan digital arisan platform is a community-based financial technology company that focuses on providing access and opportunities for the lower middle class. The company had entered into the ecosystem Gojek until it was fully acquired in 2017.

In 2022, Mapan announced funding series A worth $ 15 million or the equivalent of Rp. 223 billion. This fresh fund is said to be used to further develop digital social gathering services through expanding product range and partnering with the best suppliers.

In a joint interview DailySocial.id, CEO of Mapan Ardelia Apti revealed that the company's business growth is considered quite significant, "In the 2021-2022 period, revenue we increased 3x year on year (YoY). This is also supported by the growth in the number of users both in terms of business partners and arisan members on the Mapan platform."

To date, Mapan has succeeded in reaching around 250 thousand agents or partners and serving more than 3 million users, it is not stated how many people are active from this number.

They see huge potential in this sector. He believes that society still has issues regarding saving discipline. "We believe digitalization of social gatherings is the solution sustainable Dalam collective saving. "We also plan to reach 10 million households with this solution by 2026," added Ardelia.

"Apart from that, we are also increasing the number of SKUs offered using the social gathering method. Expanding our reach to several regions in Indonesia such as Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan and Nusa Tenggara. This is what encourages revenue continues to increase," said Ardel, his nickname.

For the SKU itself, Mapan conducted its own research to find out the needs of its members. Companies also choose beg which is suitable for the target market. Currently, for supply, storage and delivery carried out by businesses, currently it is Blibli.

Encourage women's empowerment

Through its various services, Mapan provides access and opportunities for its users to be more empowered and achieve a better quality of life. Currently there are four main products on the established platform, namely Mapan Arisan, Mapan Toko, Mapan Mart, and Mapan Pulsa.

Mapan targets users from among women who work as housewives or shop owners, who want to contribute to their families as Mapan Business Partners or MUMs. They are an extension of Mapan's services in their environment and distribute the digital social gathering concept to their members.

One of the stories shared by a MUM named Eka Uswatun who was previously a private employee but decided to focus on her family after getting married. During the pandemic, he admitted, "Being stable helped me to survive financially and ultimately I was able to help my family financially."

Apart from that, Eka is also active in educating local residents to become more empowered, independent and financially productive through Mapan. "The targeted personas are women who can be pioneers in this social gathering group and help convey the value of this platform.

The profile itself is quite diverse. Many MUMs are in their 30s and 40s. Some have businesses reseller there is this one who is his first business. Most of them are personal, Mapan is the main source. Most housewives who have no income and are stable can become source of income through commission.

"Apart from intensifying the digitalization of social gatherings, we also have a team community management in key areas of Mapan presence. We try not to just do empowerment "in terms of selling and generating income but also to enrich the knowledge and skills needed," explained Ardel.

Mapan also operates MapanTV which contains videos on related topics women empowerment as well as the programs on the platform. Through this channel, they also often broadcast empowerment classes such as cooking classes online. Apart from that, the community in Mapan also routinely does this kopdar, including organizing event which not only contains established-related information but also discusses awareness of physical and mental health.

In this interview, Ardel also shares her experiences as a female leader and as a worker in general. He revealed that sometimes, the challenges he faces come from himself. There are many cases where women cannot improve their standard of living because they are hampered by the limitations they themselves have created.

Ardel was appointed CEO of Mapan replacing Hendra Tjanaka in June 2022 after undergoing a five-month transition period. He feels this is an extraordinary opportunity to work for a company that puts things first women empowerment. Previously, Ardelia worked as Country Director at Element, Inc. and consultant at McKinsey & Company.

As a female CEO, Ardel admitted that there were no significant challenges in terms of team acceptance, "It's more about building my own self-confidence. How do I deal with doubts about myself. One way is to be open and accept criticism and suggestions from other people," she said .

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Become a leader, one important thing is to be close to the characteristics of Mapan's female audience. That is the reason why companies do a lot of research, visit MUMs' homes, and also do it kopdar.

"So that we can ensure we provide solutions and services that meet targets market who is a woman, accordingly nature and characteristics of women, women's needs and Opportunity which is suitable for women. I think the social gathering itself is very suitable. "We are digitalizing and expanding so that this social gathering can become something more impactful," he said.

At Mapan, he also feels a lot of alignment between the team spirit and the services provided to become a company that is relevant to its mission. because there is a lot of alignment between the team spirit, the services provided, to become a company that is relevant to its mission. To date, the Mapan team has grown to around 150 employees.

April 21 was the commemoration of Kartini Day which coincided with Eid al-Fitr 2023. One of the points that Ardel wanted to raise was that women need more representation at the leadership level to help build self-confidence. One important thing is how confident we are in our own abilities to achieve the position we want.

One of Ardel's favorite expressions from RA Kartini is “Work! Work! Work! Fight for your freedom! Only then, when you have freed yourself through work, can you help others!" He believed that we must be able to free ourselves from the limitations created for ourselves by working hard until we achieve self-actualization. Only by freeing ourselves can we we can free others.

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