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Commercial Advertising: Definition, Characteristics, Types, and Examples

A good commercial advertisement is an advertisement that can convey the desired information and content that is in accordance with the target customer.

What is meant by commercial advertising? One type of advertisement that you can encounter in everyday life is commercial advertisement, which is made with the aim of introducing an item or brand. What is commercial advertising? And how about an example of that commercial ad?

Definition of Commercial Advertising

Before discussing the definition of commercial advertising, we must understand what advertising is. Advertising is a paid form of communication where the sponsor is clear.

Commercial advertising is advertising that aims to market goods or services. The hope is that customers who see the advertisement will be interested in buying the goods or services.

Advertising that generates a desire to buy the advertised item is an important component of commercial advertising. Ideally, these ads will increase market demand and even generate revenue.

Commercial advertisements, especially on digital platforms, sometimes appear to advise customers to buy certain goods or foods.

However, not all commercial advertisements function as product marketing tools. Commercial advertisements can also be created to change the perception of a brand or increase consumer understanding of the brand.

Therefore, creating a good brand image can make customers immediately recognize these companies, goods and brands. They can also have a good judgment about the brand.

It's no surprise that commercial ads are packaged with the idea that they will make customers' lives happier, easier, or more efficient.

Commercial Advertising Features

In order for you to differentiate between adverts and non-ads, you should understand the following characteristics of commercial ads:

  1. Displaying Paid Ad Types

Commercial advertisements usually display products or services as well as manufacturer information in a comprehensive and clear manner, and the first feature of commercial advertising is that it is a type of paid communication advertisement with commercial purposes.

The purpose of this information dissemination is for customers to know the brand and make purchases of goods or services from that brand.

  1. Be Persuasive

Persuasiveness is another characteristic of advertising. To attract public attention, these advertisements are usually made more persuasive to reach the target market. You can use invitations or appeals to encourage people to buy the goods or services they are promoting.

  1. Does Not Include Personal Communication Types

According to previous reviews, commercial advertising is a form of communication to the general public or non-personal. Therefore, you have to make this ad as attractive as possible to reach the biggest target market.

  1. Have Specific Target Customersus

Each brand has a unique target market that fits the goods or services they sell. If in the past, these commercial advertisements were often shown on television and radio media, now they are more diverse.

For advertising, you can use various platforms to adapt to the target market they want to reach. For example, if you are advertising for a young demographic, they will be better off using social media as a platform.

This is due to the fact that many teenagers today use social media as a way to communicate rather than radio and television. Therefore, choosing the right social media for advertising will maximize the sales results you want to achieve.

Types of Commercial Ads

It is interesting that commercial advertising has many types and each has a specific purpose. Here is the explanation: 

  1. Commercial Advertising Strategy

The commercial advertising strategy aims to build a brand or brands by highlighting product advantages. This ad aims to retain customers for the long term. 

  1. Tactical Commercial Advertisement

Tactical commercial advertising is advertising that encourages customers to make contact and buy goods quickly by providing attractive offers.

Example of Commercial Ads

The "Share a Coke" campaign, launched by Coca-Cola in 2011 and immediately going viral, is one of the best commercials ever created by the company. This campaign succeeded in getting the company to acquire many new customers.

This campaign allows customers to print the name they want on their Coca-Cola bottle. They can print "Mama" if they want to split a drink for their mother they care about.

This makes consumers feel that Coca-Cola cares about them and increases engagement. Everyone knows Coca-Cola, which was founded in 1944 and is spread in 200 countries. However, such a big brand still creates commercial advertisements to maintain its position.

The campaign may be seen as an advertising warning, but its strong appeal can attract new customers. This is an effective advertising way of influencing business. While ensuring company advertisements are executed effectively, businesses must also pay attention to their daily operations.

So, if the customer doesn't have a pleasant experience with the business, good quality marketing won't have a long-term impact.

Thus was the information about commercial advertising. We hope that you will understand more about the world of advertising, such as this commercial advertisement. 

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