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Solutions to Build Online Business with Komerce, Can Hire Trained Talent

Using the Services of Komerce to Build an Online Business.

Building a business online now it's easier than ever ecommerce enabler company, such as Komerce, where the main focus is on helping MSMEs develop or build a business onlineher with help talent trained.

Currently, the majority of MSMEs have started their business journey independently online because there are so many opportunities and benefits that can be obtained. Although it looks easy, but it would be better if you have provisions and businesses experienced to develop business online You.

If you are interested in getting started with Komerce, here is the information shared by Nofi Bayu Darmawan, as Founder & CEO of Commercial, about what Komerce is, the services it provides, how to build a business with Komerce, to the required capital.

What is Commerce?



As explained a little above, Komerce is end-to-end e-commerce enabler which has the task of helping SMEs to enter the digital world, especially E-commerce, in order to maximize sales. 

Before becoming e-commerce enablers, Komerce was originally a service provider talent to strengthen the role of digitizing MSMEs. In addition, Komerce is also a rebranding from a social movement called Kampung Marketer.

This movement was initiated by the Sang founder, namely Bayu, to answer the problems of youth around Purbalingga district, Central Java, who are having difficulty finding work.

Through this movement, Bayu held training for village youths so that they could master the field of education digital marketing and customer service. Then, after they felt capable, the youths were deployed to the field to help maximize sales and customer service by digitizing MSMEs.

From there, then, Komerce continues to grow to help MSMEs maximize sales and customer service digitally. This is evidenced by Komerce, which now has offices in Purbalingga and Yogyakarta.

Services Provided by Komerce

Currently, Komerce provides three services or talent that can be recruited by MSMEs, namely: advertiser, Customer Serviceand admin Marketplace. Bayu also explained that each of the talent They have different tasks in helping MSMEs

"Each (talent) have different tasks, for example for advertisers have a job running digital advertising (Google Ads and Facebook Ads) to expand the marketing reach of a brand with a specified target. Customer Service has the task of handling chats that enter the partner's WhatsApp number, and marketplace admin to help optimize stores in the marketplace, starting from store decorations, replying to chats, advertisements (shopee), and so on,” explained Bayu.

Advantages of Using Services from Komerce

Building a business online it can be said to be difficult. Through the services provided by Komerce, Bayu explained that MSMEs will get a number of conveniences and benefits, including the following:

  • Ease of managing employees for your business.
  • Got talent who have been trained and have passed the basic education provided by Komerce. Besides, there will be training tiered by Komerce to maintain quality talent.
  • Talent supervised by leader Komerce who is experienced in his field.
  • All performance talent can be monitored via one Commercial app, including daily attendance reports to invoices.
  • Komerce maintains business privacy businesses.
  • No work contract. You as businesses can terminate the cooperation at any time if it is not possible to be extended.

How to Talent Hiring from Commercial?

After sharing the story of the beginning of Commerce and the services provided, Bayu also shared information about how MSMEs recruited talent from Komerce to make businesses in developing business.

SME Criteria

Before going into the procedure for hiring talentIt's a good idea to know the criteria for SMEs that can recruit talent from Commercial. For the criteria or conditions, Bayu said that each service provided by Komerce has certain criteria. He also gives examples of the conditions for SMEs to be able to hiredadvertisers from Commercial.

“For example, to hire advertisers, MSMEs must come from distributors, producers, or owners brand and the type of product is not a prohibited product and has a distribution permit (for food and cosmetics). As well as businesses CS and marketplace admin partner who have certain criteria," he said.

In addition to the terms of each service which will be informed more clearly to you in the process hiring, there are also general requirements that must be met by SMEs if they want tobusinesses with talent from Commercial.

The first condition is that MSMEs must be willing to provide device for talent work. For example, if you want hiredCustomer Service Partners, on website Komerce explained that you must provide mobile device with a minimum of 3GB of RAM for talent do his job.

But, don't worry, because later device will be returned to you when there is no cooperation.

Then, the second requirement is to be willing to provide costs in accordance with the provisions, which will be discussed further in the capital segment.

Procedure Talent Hiring from Komerce

Once you feel you fit the criteria above and are interested in recruiting businesses business from Komerce, then you only need to contact the Komerce contact available at website and commercial social media.

Then, you can consult your needs so that later they will be directed to the right service. Komerce will also confirm your willingness to meet the cost requirements and meet your needs devicetalent to work.

If you have agreed with Komerce to follow all the terms and successfully cooperate with talent Komerce, then you can communicate via WhatsApp, telephone, or email conference call. In addition, you can also monitor performance talent through Commercial app.

Capital Required

Well, this information may be the information you have been waiting for because capital is the most important thing for MSMEs to develop their business. So, how much capital is needed to start growing a business with help? talent from Commercial?

Bayu himself could not mention the exact nominal. However, apart from device for talent work, he emphasized several related things that must be prepared. Among them are admin fees and salaries and bonuses for talent.

For admin fees, you can see the nominal per month for each service here website Commercial. As for salaries and bonuses, you can negotiate them with Komerce through the contact which is also available at website.

Then, if you recruit advertisers, you also have to prepare capital to advertise on platform paid advertising, such as Google Ads or Instagram Ads, because the admin fee does not cover these costs.

Plot Videos Hiring Talent Commercial


Business Transmigration Offline ke Online with Commercial

If you look at the types of services provided by Komerce, indeed Komerce looks more focused on business online that are already running and want to be developed. However, Bayu confirmed that Komerce is also open to businesses that starts from scratch, like a business that was previously only based on offline and want to start jumping online.

"Moving an offline business to an online business is not just "moving places". But also must have various strategies in order to compete with hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs from various regions. If business people already understand the knowledge, then it will be easier for them to determine business strategies," he said.

For this reason, Komerce usually conducts various kinds of training for MSMEs based on offline, before going into business online. These trainings include webinars, digital marketingbootcamp, and so forth.

From the information provided by Bayu as founder and also the CEO of Komerce, it can be concluded that Komerce is not only focused on helping MSMEs to develop their business onlineher, but it can also be businesses for MSMEs that are just starting to enter the digital sector.

In addition, Komerce also provides flexibility to MSMEs in the absence of a work contract and a high salary negotiable. How, interested inbusinesses with Commercial?

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