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Coming Soon to Ubud: Hubud, A Community Working Space

Although workspaces with sharing systems have become quite popular in the world, this has only started to become popular in Indonesia some time ago, since friends at FOWAB launched hackerspace their first, which has now moved to a bigger and better location side. Jogjakarta then also spawned hackerspace themselves not long after. Since then, several other sharing spaces have emerged in Indonesia and will continue to grow as the conversation about this becomes more and more popular.

The growth of this kind of space is increasing along with the increasing number of individuals who are engaged in activities . and entrepreneurs who are looking for a place where they can run their business without having to spend a lot of money and all the leasing stuff. The cafe is actually quite popular for workers . and founderstartup as a place to work but places like this have many limitations that can be overcome with a co-working space.

Recently there is a co-working space being established in Ubud, Bali, which is smartly named Hubud, in reference to the Hub in Ubud. Hubud is the work of three foreign workers preparing to set up their own space. It consisted of video editor Peter Wall, designer John Alderson, and consultant for the United Nations Steve Munroe who met on one occasion and decided to put the idea of ​​a co-working space into action in Ubud.

Hubud currently does not have a permanent place but this is expected to change. Hubud currently relies on Facebook accounts to tie the community together, and they don't currently have their own site either. The hubud.org web address is directed to their Facebook page.

DailySocial chat through Email with Peter Wall a while back about Hubud and here's our conversation:

How about ideas about co-working space this appears? I mean, there are many spaces like this in the world so what's the reason for setting it up in Ubud? I've never been there and it makes me curious about the community there and the interest people there are in this co-working space, so can you give me some background on this?

peter w: This idea comes organically. I've been thinking about this place for a long time, I lived in Toronto before in Ubud, and was inspired by the performance of the Center for Social Innovation (CSI) there (this week they announced they are building a third building).

CSI is definitely one of the co-working space largest in the world today, and is a very amazing place. John, my colleague here, also had similar thoughts about a co-working space in Ubud - even longer than myself. And an event hang out in Ubud finally connected us.

Steve Munroe, our third partner (who was also present at the event hang out it) had the same idea when he lived in Phnom Penh a few years ago, and finally the three of us tried it. It's been fun working together and supporting each other and we're really excited about this project going forward.

As for Ubud, I think the people here are a very interesting place right now. There is a very strong convergence of disparate communities here and in many ways they are not as connected as they should be.

There is of course the Balinese, who are clearly deeply rooted here and connected to their great traditional creative endeavors, who really put this area on the map as an artistic paradise. And there is also the Indonesian people, with various people from all over the archipelago, either those who have moved here or those who have come to refresh themselves or seek creative inspiration.

There is also a community of long-term foreign workers - many of whom have been here for 10, 20 or 30 years, and have contributed well to creating a unique atmosphere in Ubud, and finally there are new foreign workers, like myself ( us) who are only a few years, months, or new who are here, as well as those who come and find the great energy and extraordinary spirit present in Ubud.

All of these communities already exist in Ubud, but are not as interconnected as they should be. So the idea of ​​Hubud is to have a place, a creative space, for people to come together and collaborate and work together. There are basically no big companies here (other than a few hotel chains), so almost everyone here is a small business entrepreneur or freelancer independent. We wanted to create a space for these different types of people to be able to be present, connected and work together, but still be independent.

What's Hubud like, any pictures to share? Is the venue ready or are you still in development?

We build the community first, then the place. We will start on May 21, 2012 with the concept pop-up - a two week trial at a cafe we ​​took over in central Ubud. Room pop-up it will come before TEDxUbud and a week after, so there will be lots of ideas and people interacting with each other.

We've also been in touch with those who work in Ubud, and look forward to connecting with many more - as well as getting input on what type of space/community they want to be. After that we will move on to the next phase - finding a semi-permanent space that we can rent for a few years….and after that we hope to build/buy our own space.

What kind of infrastructure will be provided at the venue?

Room pop-up will have a large desk to work on, as well as several corners and a small area to work. There will be coffee, tea, etc. then a shared printer. This space will be a combination of several 'zones' supporting various activities, such as a library/technology center, pod for conferences and so on.

What kind of atmosphere do you expect from Hubud? Hackerspace in Bandung and Yogyakarta is more technology/web oriented while Ubud is synonymous with creative writing, but it looks like Hubud will not only be filled by writers. By the way, Hubud is a good name.

Good question. I think we're going to look at a fairly broad mix. We're hoping for a mix. There are many types of creativity here, writers, photographers, artists, designers, architects, filmmakers, but we think everyone is creative. Entrepreneurs are creative. Small entrepreneurs are creative. So the idea is to be a place for anyone who wants to come and, as people who are smarter than me say, to allow the acceleration of coincidence to happen. One theme we've been anticipating in Ubud is discovery/re-creation - in general it's a creative space where a lot of people are here.

What can be expected for visitors from Hubud or if they join Hubud, and lastly, is there a membership system? What is the fee structure?

The idea is to create a membership system, based on hourly or monthly, or yearly time. Or it could be half day/full day. We haven't determined the fee scheme yet. Room pop-up free, and we'll gather feedback from the community about what type of financing to use. So, stay tuned!

[Image from Hubud Facebook page]

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