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10 Business Ideas for 2023, for Beginners with Small Capital

In 2023 there is no business that doesn't generate income. With the list of business opportunities below, you can start your business with the right choice of business ideas.

Starting a business should not be careless, let alone just go along with it. You need to ensure a number of things, for example what business potential will be needed in 2023. The longer it takes, the more competition appears, the more companies innovate with new ideas, so you must first explore business potential in the coming year.

Let's look at the article below to find out the business opportunities this year. See the explanation below!

1. Credit Sales Business and Internet Vouchers

This business is also promising in 2023. Because you don't need to open a big counter to sell pulses or internet vouchers.

As a first step, offer it to your friends or hang a banner in front of your house. That way neighbors or neighbors know that we are selling pulses or internet vouchers.

2. Clothing Business

One of the businesses that has the opportunity to make a profit in 2023 is a clothing store. You could say that clothing stores have endless requests because clothing is one of the most important needs that are needed at any time. In addition, the number of local fashion brand enthusiasts is increasing. Of course, this is an opportunity that can be used to make a profit.

3. Photography business

The business that is most likely to be in great demand in 2023 is the photography industry. In addition, a new trend has emerged, namely self-portraits where there is no photographer in the studio. The advantage of the selfie studio concept is that visitors can take as many pictures as possible and express themselves freely because the pictures are taken with a remote control without the help of a photographer.

4. Baby Equipment Rental Business

Indeed, there are not a few expenses to meet all the needs of the baby. Parents often want to rent baby equipment such as pumps, strollers, crib boxes, sterile kits and more. Besides being quite expensive, layettes are often only used for a few months, not for long periods of time. Baby gear rental is a promising business idea in 2023 as there will be demand throughout the year and parents will always need it.

5. Cosmetics and Face Care Business

The cosmetics and facial care business is one of the companies that has the potential to make a profit in 2023 as demand for beauty companies increases. In addition, people are interested in local brands that are not inferior to foreign brands at lower prices. You can make this a business opportunity in 2023.

6. Services for making PO T-shirts (Pre-Order)

So, this business idea is expected to make a lot of profit because it is about to enter the political years. It is estimated that many people will make PO shirts for campaigns and so on.

7. Frozen Foods

This is an excellent business opportunity to attract those looking for simple foods to stock up on. There are various kinds of frozen food to choose from, such as various sausages, various meatballs, various dim sum, and others.

8. Jastip (Entrusted Services)

The next business idea worth trying is selling certain merchandise. Because every event like K-Pop or things that many people like or even certain sports usually have merchandise.

Few people wanted to pick it up, but the distance prevented them and they didn't know where to buy it. You can open Jastip, aka entrusted services for those who want merchandise or goods but distance or other things get in the way.

9. Reseller Business

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You can try a reseller business by selling products from other sellers and selling them to consumers. Retail business is more profitable for those who are just trying to start a business, because the risk of loss can be minimized and can be started with small capital. And another advantage is that you can sell more than one product in one store.

10. Services

Selling services to others is an interesting thing today. For example, expertise in design, web, writing, and advertising. Only with this expertise can you start a small capital business. You must create a Marketplace account to sell your services.

Those are 10 business ideas that you can start and develop in 2023. With small capital and beginners can do it, of course the business ideas above will really help you. Hope it is useful.

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