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Behind the Changes in the Appearance of OLX Indonesia's Mobile Application

"The All New OLX" wants to reach new consumers and retain loyal customers

In a meeting in mid-2016, OLX Indonesia CEO Daniel Tumiwa expressed his dismay. As an online service, according to him, OLX Indonesia is already in Indonesia comfort zone. To move forward, with business challenges getting tougher, they must dare to "disturb" themselves in order to remain relevant in the midst of industry competition.

OLX Indonesia, who in January this year turned 11 and was originally named Tokobagus, had to change.

"Trends, circumstances and our plans for the future require to make changes or so to speak small pivot, "he said.

The company then formed a special team tasked with realizing a new spirit called "The All New OLX". This team consists of 15-20 project manager all of whom are OLX employees and do not involve third parties. The dedicated team functioned September 2016 until The All New OLX was launched.

Reaching new consumer segments

The jargon of "classified ads" attached to OLX Indonesia is considered by Daniel to be no longer relevant to current conditions. Whereas OLX is a pioneer company in this sector.

In addition, so far, most of OLX Indonesia's users are men, so the features and appearance are mostly masculine. Daniel thinks OLX can't stay on that path forever. There is an untapped potential segment, namely millennials and women.

Changes must help OLX Indonesia reach potential customers who have not been the focus so far.

OLX Indonesia mobile app with a new look / OLX Indonesia

OLX Indonesia COO Doan Ciscus says:

"This is the first big team formed by OLX Indonesia. We want to form a solid team because of this can nature long term projects. The people from this team are a mix of OLX friends who can work well together, share the same spirit, and are very concern to OLX."

The All New OLX Project Manager, held by Renita, was chosen because she was considered to have great attention to OLX Indonesia, can ensure the application remains relevant to the community, and can carry out daily tasks well.

He was assisted by the UX team led by Bayu, the research team led by Meidy, and Arya became a bridge for information on the development of The All New OLX to other staff. In terms of technology, Fandy became mobile tech lead, Deni leads the API team, and Wasis is on the infrastructure side.

How The All New OLX team works

In the first month, the team finalized user design by meeting OLX customers, both those who have been using OLX for a long time or not at all, which are located in the suburbs of Jakarta.

Research is carried out in three ways, face-to-face, telephone, or by e-mail. The composition of the selected respondents was balanced, related to gender, age, occupation, and socioeconomic strata.

On a weekly basis, they invite OLX customers to the office. The team provides three closed rooms that the product team uses when meeting directly with respondents. Respondent will try tools OLX and provide feedback and complaints.

At this stage, not only The All New OLX team is down. The management also met the customers directly.

OLX Indonesia CEO Daniel Tumiwa / DailySocial

"Roughly for the first three months we continued to meet OLX customers, before starting shifting this task to the Tech Product section to get started develop. This is the toughest initial task, don't make a mistake from the start," said Doan.

In the third month, the product team begins the process of developing a new design according to the research findings that have been collected. The process of meeting customers continues at this stage, because they have to re-try OLX products based on the feedback given previously.

"If you pay attention from the initial process to the release version of OLX, it's all about users. Every time there is a new development, we go back to the users to ask for their input. Are the new features that we provide in accordance with what they want, because this is the goal to reach new users too?"

Changes made

The All New OLX made major changes to the features and appearance of OLX in the mobile application, while the web version (desktop and mobile) still uses the old interface to ensure a smooth transition process. With no intention of abandoning existing users, OLX is developing new features that aim to reach millennials and women.

Daniel says:

“So far, OLX Indonesia users are dominated by men aged 30 years and over. On the one hand, this demographic makes it difficult for us to do scale upMeanwhile, millennials and women are increasingly widespread and are becoming quite active consumers in the world of e-commerce and marketplaces in the country."

circle Millennial and women are synonymous with the term impulsive shopper. Target users like this are the main focus of change.

In making features, the company always pays attention to the four principles of The All New OLX, namely hyperlocal, simple, trust, and C2C. The results are reflected in several new OLX features, such as chat, photo display (visual) on the main page, and the Nearby feature.

Fitur chat selected based on input from female customers who want privacy when dealing with potential buyers. Doan said this chat feature is in accordance with the principles of simple and trust. For women, displaying cell phone numbers on the internet is less convenient because they can be connected to various other messaging platforms. There is also a risk of profile photos being made public. The team decided to build a chat feature across OLX's platforms. However, there is still an option to include a phone number for those who prefer to communicate via phone, SMS, and WhatsApp.

For the photo display on the main page, the spirit to be conveyed is to prioritize the visuals of the products sold by OLX users. Visuals are considered as the key that is attractive to impulsive shopper to access OLX. Assisted by the Nearby feature, it will be easier for users to make transactions depending on where they are.

Purple color selection

When you access the OLX Indonesia application and website, the appearance is now dominated by purple as the language of communication. Previously, the OLX display was dominated by blue.

OLX Indonesia CMO Edward Kilian explained that the purple color symbolizes a dynamic color, can be accepted by all genders, and strongly represents new positive energy to the public.

According to Edward, purple is a trendy color that is well received among young people and women as a target for new OLX users. This color is also still accepted by men who are very close to OLX.

Purple is now the official communication language of OLX Indonesia / OLX Indonesia

"This will make it easier for OLX to be able to invite the wider community, be smarter in managing finances, and save money by adopting new behaviors. That is, using unused goods as capital to have other goods needed by sellers, reducing spending by buying goods. pre-loved but the quality is good, and the price is much cheaper," he explained.

Education and adaptation process

The work of The All New OLX has not stopped after the completion of the development process. There is still a stabilization stage to ensure the education and adaptation process runs both for loyal users and new users.

Doan admitted that when he first launched, there were a lot of complaints from users. Most users complain that the appearance on the main page has changed drastically. Categories are no longer served, but classified ads are displayed according to the user's location.

Consumers also complain about the absence of the seller's cellphone number as a method of communication which has now been replaced with features chat. Finally, users complain about the Nearby feature because they are not used to it.

"Drastic changes do require adaptation, especially for old users. That's why we need to guide them. Every complaint we receive from customers is not in vain. We always talk about it and find a solution."

In the process of working, The All New OLX team received support from the OLX Global Group. They discussed with OLX teams from various parts of the world. In addition, the team also has the authority from the management of OLX Indonesia to decide what they believe is good.

Technology development

On the technology side, the development of The All New OLX encourages the use of secure technology using the HTTPS protocol. Function Tracker, which had created an "excitement", remains pinned for a better user experience.

Still a matter of security, this new look also takes advantage of technology anti-fraud using the system machine learning. OLX team identified potential fraud from the user account, then provide recommendations to machine learning to perform detection through photos, names, and social media accounts.

"This technology makes it easier for us to be able to anticipate and even block user accounts that are considered at risk of committing fraud fraud in the OLX application," said OLX Indonesia CTO Rendra Toro.

OLX Indonesia / OLX Indonesia management team

Nonetheless, as a C2C platform. OLX Indonesia has no plans to become a payment intermediary, such as presenting a joint account (escrow account). OLX Indonesia hopes to continue to function as an independent trading platform. This is considered to distinguish OLX from other services.

"Maybe later if OLX Indonesia decides to present this feature [it will] take advantage of cooperation with third parties. This means that the opportunity is wide open for fintech services or related technology companies to provide these services with OLX Indonesia,” explained Daniel.

The risk behind change

Big names and a fairly massive number of users make changes at great risk if not implemented properly. Daniel believes in this and intends to show the seriousness of the company to be better with the spirit of The All New OLX.

OLX Indonesia is the third country in the OLX Group to carry out pivoting and changes are quite large in scale. Other country teams that have made changes are India and the Philippines.

OLX Philippines made changes using the system owned by OLX India (template), while OLX Indonesia created all of these technologies from scratch independently.

Daniel mentions:

"Not only convincing the OLX Group globally, with this new concept OLX Indonesia also wants to convince loyal users and new users that this platform can be their favorite and reliable for quick profits with the various conveniences offered."

- The All New OLX Indonesia reporting team: Yenny Yusra, Marsya Nabila, and Amir Karimuddin

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