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Astra Intensively Digital Transformation, Introducing Used Car Buying Application "mo88i"

Offering added value through its integration with the Astra Group product ecosystem

The Astra group business conglomerate has again introduced new products in its digital ecosystem. Through PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) or Mobil88, the company officially launched the mo88i application that allows consumers to buy and sell used cars.

Mobil88 steps to enter channel digital is in line with the growing trend of digital adoption in the last two years. In addition, the company's internal survey shows that as many as 40% of Mobil88 consumers claim to be interested in buying used cars online.

Astra Director Suparno Djasmin believes the strong experience of the Astra group in this industry. Therefore, it seeks to provide customer journey that seamless to serve transactions throughout Indonesia with the current situation.

Based on the report from the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo), car sales Wholesale (distribution from factory to Dealer) fell significantly at 532.027 units compared to sales in 2019 which reached 1 million units.

Furthermore, one of the advantages offered is the integration of mo88i with the service ecosystem of the Astra group, such as Astra Credit Companies (ACC), Astra Insurance, and Car Valuation Insurance (ACV). In addition, mo88i is also connected to other Astra digital products, such as digital wallets AstraPay and financial product platform Moxa.

"We've seen growth in digital adoption over the last few years and we want to revamp by developing application and web-based platforms," ​​said Suparno in a virtual press conference.

Mobil88 President Director Naga Sujady added, mo88i has: omnichannel most complete which is rated superior to marketplace similar used cars. Collaboration channelonline and offline will make it easier for consumers to find and transact used cars. Currently, Mobil88 has an offline network at 22 showroom.

"Consumers can also try out the car directly with this feature Test Drive. There are also features flexible credit simulation and experience view the interior and exterior of the car in 360 degrees via the application. Stock cars on this platform too real-time. In the future, we will add other features," he said.

Astra's digital transformation

The Astra Group began to carry out digital transformation several years ago. This transformation uses three main strategies, namely modernizing core business, create new, innovative sources of income, and invest in products in the digital ecosystem. Several digital products that have been born include CariParkir, Sejalan, Movic, and SEVA.

Throughout 2021, Astra is increasingly strengthening its digital product ecosystem. In the first quarter of 2021, a subsidiary of Astra Financial launched the Moxa application aka Mobile Experience by Astra Financial. Then a few weeks ago, Astra launched AstraPay. For now, both applications can be used in the Astra Group ecosystem, namely the FIF Group network, Astra Credit Companies (ACC), Toyota Astra Finance (TAF), and Maucash.

ProductCategorygroup of European sailors
AstraPayFintechAstra Financial
MoxaFintechAstra Financial
MaucashFintechAstra Welab Digital Arta
mo88iMarketplace (used cars)Serasi Autoraya (Mobil88)
SearchParkingTransportation (navigation)AstraDigital
Seva.idMarketplace (new and used cars)AstraDigital
MovicTransportation (car rental)AstraDigital
in lineTransportation (ride sharing)AstraDigital

This step is a strategy to pursue the momentum of accelerating digital adoption due to Covid-19 and its projected adoption post-pandemic. According to, e-Conomy SEA 2020 report by Google, Temasek, Bain & Company, as many as 37% of internet users in Indonesia are first time user. Meanwhile, 93% of digital consumers in Indonesia admit that they will continue to use digital platforms to meet their needs after Covid-19.

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