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7 Xiaomi cellphones priced at 4 million that you can choose in 2023

The Xiaomi cellphone that you want can be had with a starting price of just four million. Here's a list of HP below!

HP specifications that are so broad can easily make you impatient to buy right away, but before buying it's a good idea to read the recommendations for the best 4 million Xiaomi cellphones carefully so you don't choose the wrong one.

With just 4 million capital, you can get a beautiful Xiaomi cellphone with several interesting features. Here's the list!

1. Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G

Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G comes with its selling points in three advantages, starting from a very smooth and clear screen quality, strong performance and very fast charging.

Thanks to the Super AMOLED screen of 6,67 inches with a refresh rate of 120 Hertz, various activities such as watching and playing will be very enjoyable. Although not the cheapest with the Snapdragon 695 5G chipset, on the positive side Xiaomi offers Liquid Cooling technology and doesn't sacrifice 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM.

His photography needs are also quite capable thanks to the 108 MP triple rear camera and 16 MP front camera. The 5000 mAh capacity battery is charged very quickly thanks to 67 watt fast charging.

Price: IDR 4.149.000,0 p

2.Poco X3 GT

The Poco X3 GT is the best-selling mobile phone with a price of 4 million because of its wild kitchen. With the brain of the Dimensity 1100 5G chipset, this phone managed to get an amazing AnTuTu score of 639.000 points.

And you can play heavy games at the highest settings like Genshin Impact to PUBG Mobile, Apex Legends Mobile.

No less interesting, this cellphone with 8 GB of RAM has a 5000 mAh capacity battery that is supported by reliable charging. It only takes 40 minutes to charge from empty to full thanks to 67 watt fast charging support.

Price: IDR 4.299.000,00

3. Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro

Next is the Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro (8/256GB) which is capable of refreshing the screen up to 120Hz. These numbers allow you to play games smoothly without fear, especially games with excellent graphics.

To make the operation of this cellphone more efficient, the Snapdragon 860 chipset is embedded in the style of Flasgip. This chipset is currently the best chipset that you can use for various multitasking and online games.

As a modern mobile phone, the photo department cannot be left behind. This cellphone already has a fourth camera with a 48 MP main lens and three other supporting cameras with sizes of 8 MP, 2 MP and 2 MP depending on their functions.

Price: IDR 3.999.000,00

4. Mi 11 Lite

Even though Mi 11 Lite is a cheap version of Mi 11, it has several features that make it so attractive. Starting from the screen, this phone has an AMOLED panel measuring 6,55 inches which is capable of displaying billions of colors.

The screen also supports a refresh rate of 90 Hertz, so movement is very smooth. And most impressively, this Snapdragon 732G-powered cellphone is packaged in an ultra-thin and light design, weighing only 157 grams and only 6,8mm thick.

For photography purposes, the 64 megapixel triple rear camera offered by Xiaomi is quite reliable, the main features are Magic Zoom, Freeze Time, Slow Shutter and many others.

Price: IDR 3.999.000,00

5. Xiaomi Mi 9 SE

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is a mobile phone that comes with a sapphire crystal that protects the lens from scratches. The stainless steel body adds to the durability of this phone.

Apart from that, this phone has another advantage in the form of 3 rear cameras with Sony sensors. The 48 megapixel camera has a Sony IMX586 sensor, the 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens camera uses the IMX481 sensor, and the 12 megapixel camera uses Samsung's S5K3M5 sensor.

Price: IDR 4.550.000,00

6.Xiaomi Redmi K20

Xiaomi Redmi K20 has a colorful design that can attract the attention of many people. Each color option is carefully polished for a luxurious look.

The features are also impressive, such as the front view which looks smooth without the camera notch. The selfie camera is only visible at the top if you activate it. When the camera is not activated, it is hidden in the frame. Although the main camera is not as luxurious as the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro camera, it can produce perfect images as long as it is balanced with the right photo technology.

Price: Rp. 4.159.000,00

7.Xiaomi Mi 9T

With a sophisticated processor whose efficiency is supported by an 8nm production process, the performance of the Xiaomi Mi 9T is tough enough to meet everyday mobile needs.

Thanks to the front camera with a pop-up mechanism, the HP screen feels more comfortable, especially when watching videos. There is no notch that interferes with the smooth running of the screen.

The rear camera is equipped with three good lenses for various purposes, of which the highest resolution is 48 MP. If you want to capture a wider range of subjects, an ultra wide-angle lens is available. A telephoto lens is available for remote shooting.

Price: Rp. 4.399.000,00

Buying a phone requires a lot of consideration, even if you have a budget of IDR 4 million and have read the top 4 million Xiaomi phone recommendations. Even so, you have to decide carefully. Hopefully this article can help you.

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